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As Chalktrails have begun "chalktrailing" sidewalks from coast to coast, we've received some valuable feedback regarding its use. Because Chalktrail was designed to work with virtually all types and sizes of bikes, there are a few adjustments that can/should be made to match your specific bike. To ensure a positive Chalktrailing experience and a colorful good time for all, we're passing along these helpful tips and instructions.

Adjusting the Chalk Holder: It appears (in some cases) the Chalk Holder has been installed upside down during packaging. If yours looks like the photo below (with the rectangular hole pointing upward), it was assembled incorrectly. (A).

Make sure the Chalk Holder is installed in the correct position as noted in photo (B) below (with the rectangular hole pointing downward).

Once you've done that, let's adjust the Trailing Angle to the size bike you'll be riding.

Adjusting the Trailing Angle: The Chalk Holder can be adjusted to one of four positions or "trailing angles" to accommodate various wheel sizes. If the trailing angle of the chalk is too steep (C) the Chalk Holder may be prone to pop off when encountering bumps, cracks or other obstacles in the road or sidewalk. In this position the chalk will also wear more quickly as more surface area of the chalk is in contact with the road.

If the trailing angle of the chalk is not steep enough (D) the chalk will have a tendency to chatter or skip, leaving more of a dotted pattern than a trail. The chalk may also chip or fracture in this position when encountering bumps, cracks or other obstacles in the riding path.

Adjusting the Chalk Holder to an appropriate Trailing Angle (E) may take a little trial and error but the general rule is: The bigger the wheel, the steeper the angle.

This means that on larger bikes (26" - 29" wheels) you'll find that the first notch or two will produce the best results (F).

On smaller bikes (12" - 24" wheels) the lower 2 notches will work best (G). Also - make sure the Chalk Holder has 'snapped' into place to ensure it does not get bumped off while riding.

Chalk Slippage: In some cases we've found the diameter of the chalk to vary slightly from piece to piece. This is causing some of the smaller diameter pieces to slip up into the Chalk Holder thus losing contact with the riding surface (H).

While we work on correcting this inconsistency, if you encounter this problem simply twist the chalk slightly within the holder to offset the chalk within the keyed hole (I) and this should provide adequate holding tension and prevent the chalk from slipping.

We thank you for your feedback and ask that you please continue sending us your comments, suggestions and experiences - good, bad or otherwise. We have already addressed the above concerns and will continue to be steadfast in our commitment to make Chalktrail the best toy it can be. Please send your feedback to feedback@fatbraintoyco.com

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