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ADD/ADHD toys games

ADD/ADHD toys games

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with add/adhd in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

"Overall, the product is great. My child psychotherapy clients love playing with Squigs. One difference I would suggest would be the opening and closing of the container that the Squigs are stored in. It could be a bit challenging for small children to open with their little fingers. The container itself is also a little challenging to repack with the Squigs after dumping them all out."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Playing with this sand during talk therapy is a great way for children and adults with attentive disorders or anxiety to be able to keep their hands busy in a productive and soothing way. Autistic children have expressed that they like it because it doesn't stick to their hands like normal sand does."

3D Feel & Find
"Can be made more simple or complex according to how many pieces you place in the bag. Can place similar pieces in the bag for more specific tactile discrimination. Can be used as simple one piece puzzles for younger/lower level functioning individuals. Can be used as a group or individual activity."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"The kinetic movement of this sand was great for my students with a variety of disabilities."

Sensory Balls - Set of 4
"At this time, they are not utilized in any type of organized manner. The balls have been thoroughly enjoyed as free play items. They have been used to play monkey in the middle, rolled back and forth to one another, juggled, and just sitting with them - enjoying the feel of the ball! "

"I use it as a fidget in class. It is quiet and discreet while providing an appropriate form of stimulation for me to better focus. It is also a conversation point if I choose to use it as such because other people think it is cool and want to play with it as well."

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"We use this as an alternative to paper lists, calendars or dry-erase boards. The simple lines and no clutter center is easier to read from and there are no messy markers to police. You can slide the stylus holder over the erase button so sneaky little kids don't erase your lists too soon. My grandchildren are very different; one is very hearing impaired but with good speech and the other is gifted/talented. Both are extremely ADHD. The boogie boards have been equally successful."

Nanoblock Sites to See
"The famous landmarks as themes to the nano blocks was a great way to engage my 13 yr old daughter in a conversation. It was a toy that she could build alone and then engage others in conversation about its unique size, the challenge of putting something so small together, and the landmark itself. It was a great way to work on social and language skills and yet let her own talents and personality shine."

Rush Hour
"My granddaughter was able to use some of the easier routes and designs to reach a successful conclusion of the game. Some of them don't take too long so she was able to maintain attention with little frustration. She really enjoyed the game."

Spy Night Scope
"Bigger viewing holes would be helpful."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"For children with ADD/ADHD helped with fidgeting and focus. (similar to play-doh) I have a child with Autism who attends my childcare. This sand is much like play-doh, but a new twist. It helps with fine motor skills, imagination, social skills, and communication. Fine motor skills: rolling into balls and forming shapes, castles, and cutting it. Imagination: you can make sand castles, cookies, shapes, and we also have a construction set, ice cream set that goes with it. Social skills: talking and interacting with other kids at the table. Communication: We ask them to make specific things and they show us their new creations."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"Great for break time between tasks, art therapy, calming aid for students with anxiety, 'fidget' for students who need to keep their hands busy to aid in concentration, OT support for students with fine motor deficits. "

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great sensory product to encourage tactile exploration and also aids in calming."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"I use this product with many special needs students. It is a great sensory item. It can be used by children at all ability levels."

Multiplication Mosaics
"Any child working on multiplication tables and enjoys art and puzzles will benefit from this product! My child is probably older than the normal child needing to review multiplication facts!"

Highlights Joke Books - set of 2
"The books full of puzzles or interesting scientific facts give our ADHD son instant satisfaction and enjoyment without a video screen or game controller. It is hard to find things he really likes and these books were great fun and we enjoyed them too. Thank you!!"

Tangle Hairy
"My daughter uses the toy as a special aid to help in studying and homework. It helps calm her ADD mind and she finds it very useful. "

Tangle Jr. Fuzzies
"Buy lots of this if you see that it's helpful! Don't punish yourself if you lose one. It's only $4 and little things can get lost. It happens to everything. "

Domino Basic Pack
"It promotes thinking and attentiveness (slowing down) to use. If you rush or are hasty (typical of ADD/ADHD children), the whole thing falls down before you finished setting it to it's final result. Of course that causes discouragement, but it is an excellent visual of the results of haste. With "gentle" patience and temperance on the caregiver/teacher/parent's part, slow and steady can be imparted to children afflicted with this. The overseer must lead by example. More is caught than taught."

Quercetti - Skyrail Roller Coaster
"They want to make it look exactly like the picture and get frustrated when the ball goes off track."

"The entire box of Squigz might be too much for a special needs child. Just give him or her two of the simplest ones that have only one sucker and invite them to explore the toy and how it might or might not stick to things (windows, doors, walls, the other Squigz)."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great for creative play, tactile sensations, distinguishing various textures, finding hidden objects with hands or tools for fine and visual motor skills"

Magnetic Poetry Kids' Kit
"I have many students with varying disabilities; some more severe than others. Word magnets (this kit and others) have sparked an interest in some of my more unmotivated students. I would have liked these kits even more if options of punctuation were included. (periods, commas, question marks, quotation marks, exclamation points) Hopefully, another kit will come out that includes these items. "

Yo Baby Kick Flipper
"Allows for my busy son to play indoors yet be physically active."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"I am a counselor working with children of all ages and this seems to be a great product. Seems like it would be great for those on the autism spectrum and the adjudicated teens I work with love it! Hope it maintains consistency over the long run and it is a little expensive but worth it. "

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"This item can be used by all the special needs listed. My son is 19 and he has fun using this. My 16 yr old is not disabled and she had loads of fun with it too. It is easy to use, textured, and easy to build things. I can definitely see people with disabilities using and benefiting from this product. Even the elderly can use this sand. I can even see stroke victims benefiting. It's definitely an interesting toy. It's not messy like sand and water. It doesn't stick to your hands like sand. It's easy to mold and create things, easier than clay or Playdough. I found it better than Moon Sand. Yes, we have that too. After play I put it easily back in the bag or Ziplock bag. It's great. "

Castle Molds - 8 pc
"This item works well with the Moon Sand. She calms down using sensory objects like these. It is soothing for her to feel the sand and build something."

Monkey Math
"Have to use this by SHOWING her and leading by example and walking her through it verbally & visually to give her sense of accomplishment & success in order to get her to continue it on her own, despite getting incorrect answers on the way. Seems good for her, since she has a very low frustration tolerance."

Knights & Dragon Toob
"Good for use in a sand box or a sand tray."

Playable Art - Ball
"Great for kids who need a quiet motor activity to keep their bodies still while listening to an adult - or some other boring activity."

Tangle Relax Therapy
"My niece has ADHD. She didn't seem into this toy until others started playing with it. She frequently picks it up and plays with it for short periods of time. I just gave it to her a few days ago so I hope she continues to play with it frequently."

Koosh Ball
"Good for kids with ADHD who fiddle in their desk at school or with their hair, etc. The occupational therapist recommended it. It helps channel is energy."

Sea-Monkeys Original Instant Life
"Depending on disability, children may need some adult supervision."

Magnetic Supermind
"The magnets make a huge difference in making this game more enjoyable for kids with special needs that have fine motor challenges. "

36 piece Barkless Tree Block Set in a Bag
"It was used by all children we serve. I did not observe any special accommodations needed for children to play with the blocks."

Hexbug Robotic Crab
"I know you can't say what color you get, but a special needs child would of liked a bright color. It's a great toy for special needs child."

Go Go Buddies Jazz-A-Snail
"The lights and movement was attractive to the children with autism in our church program."

Personalized Name Blocks
"The letter blocks are great for children with Autism in my opinion, as the children already see things from a unique perspective, the blocks give them control on how they choose to see the letter, without being wrong. The autistic world is so black and white, it's nice to throw in some color and not have it be anywhere close to the gray area we already avoid. The colors and options on each letter block also appeal to my Childs ADHD side as they can change them at will yet, the letter remains the same. Fidget away!! Explore and learn! So great! The texture is perfect for my tactile sensitive children. Smooth, and simple. Perfection in the shape of a square. "

Roylco Straws and Connectors Jumbo Set - 705 pc
"Teaching cooperative social skills with kids who don't get it is really hard. These flexible straws are terrific for having the students take turns adding pieces to make a class project."

Spooner Board - Freestyle 24"
"It's great for kids how it is!"

Brain Food
"Helps him remain focused while completing tasks that require him to sit still."

Brain Food
"Great product for strenghtening hands for fine motor activities. Texture is great for sensory issues - very dry to touch - not wet feeling like other putty products. Can mold it or just pull apart and will eventually ooze back into original form. Very highly recommend for fine motor skills. My son has autism and will play with this product. Great mindless fine motor activity. Adults love to play with this as well!!"

Ivan's Hinge
"My son is a visual learner and loves puzzles like this. Not only does it encourage his visual reasoning & perception but it also builds his esteem when he solves each puzzle card. He will even create his own puzzles. I think this would also be great for children who need help with motor skills development since it requires simple coordination."

Green Toys Tea Set
"It's a tea set, so not really a big difference between special or normal use. It's nice to the touch and solid. It would probably be useful for other sensory-abled kids."

Hexbug Robotic Crab
"This little crab is different than the typical items you find in every Walmart or Target that requires no thought for the person using it. When given to my son, it's uniqueness peaked his interest. The design is interesting to him and he seems to like the fact that he can see more of what's going on with the parts of it in the sense of understanding how it works. It's really small so he doesn't play with it as much as he would had it been bigger and easier to manipulate."

Highlights Sticker Fun Book - 4 book set
"I am an Occupational Therapist and I use it during my therapy sessions with many different children. To train their eye to look for the hidden picture, I have to sometimes show them a general area to look in to find the hidden picture."

Geodesigns - Color Book
"If your child has ADHD this will keep them occupied while you clean house!"

Husker Fun Gripper Football
"My child focused for a longer period of time while playing with this toy and trying to problem solve."

"This bilbo spinner shell is helping both grandsons age 7 and 10. It's helping their vestibular system to become more developed. "

"Even though I bought one for each of my Autistics boys they love to play with one together! They even take turns without being told too!"

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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