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Apraxia toys games

Apraxia toys games

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with apraxia in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

Sensory Balls - Set of 4
"At this time, they are not utilized in any type of organized manner. The balls have been thoroughly enjoyed as free play items. They have been used to play monkey in the middle, rolled back and forth to one another, juggled, and just sitting with them - enjoying the feel of the ball! "

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"We loved that this boggie board was recommended for fine motor skills. Our son loves to practice his writing and we love that it strengthens his fine motor skills!! "

Sturdy Birdy
"A lot of the poses require balancing on one foot, which my daughter can't do. For her, if she can do the pose with both feet on the ground and puts her arms and balances the bean bag where it's supposed to be, she passes. I am hoping that as she gets older, we can add the balancing on one foot part. Throwing the dice helps her cross the midline, setting up the boards on the stands helps with small motor skills, and playing the game helps with her attention span. It's active and fun and turns off the TV. I strongly recommend this game for kids with sensory integration disorders and balance/proprioception challenges."

"Uses can include: sorting by color, eliciting a verbal response to the color chosen, or asked to be chosen, creating patterns. Also, very helpful for strengthening of fine motor skills, following directions for placement of the component part. "

Tobbles Neo
"This toy is perfect for kids with coordination disorders or apraxia. Would be perfect for young children with hand tremors as the added weight would help to ground them."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great for creative play, tactile sensations, distinguishing various textures, finding hidden objects with hands or tools for fine and visual motor skills"

Farm Sound
"We are using the product for my grandson, who has Apraxia of Speech. He has stared imitating the sounds. Not always correctly, but at least hes trying. He is almost 3 and he probably want talk until he's at least 5 or 6 years old."

Monkey Math
"Have to use this by SHOWING her and leading by example and walking her through it verbally & visually to give her sense of accomplishment & success in order to get her to continue it on her own, despite getting incorrect answers on the way. Seems good for her, since she has a very low frustration tolerance."

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"I just thought the appearance of the writing/printing was very light."

Dog Popper
"She just connected to it right away and enjoys playing with the dog popper."

Magnetic Supermind
"The magnets make a huge difference in making this game more enjoyable for kids with special needs that have fine motor challenges. "

Peanut Ball - 22 inch
"A great item for sensory seekers! Probably needs to hold air better. Thanks!"

Magna Tiles Clear Colors 48 Piece DX Set
"Easy to manipulate especially if fine motor skills are an issue. "

Shape It! Sand 5 lb.
"I saw a bin of moon sand used at my autistic son's school used as a behavior reinforcer....the student did her work and then was allowed to run her hands through the sand as a reward. I've found that in my sensory storytime at the library, it depends on the child's sensory issues. For some, the sand may be too smooth. For others it's just right. It holds together well for scooping and building things but a lot of the kids just interact with it sort of randomly..."experiencing" it rather than "using" it for something. The colors are great but we mix them up too--that doesn't seem to matter to any of the kids. Sometimes fun things are "de-selected" depending on the color, but most kids play with the moon sand. We also have a bin of foam (like Floam) that we use at different times. Not quite as good (a little too sticky at times) but still appealing..."

See & Spell
"I like that there are two words on one panel. I take the panel, show one side and ask my nephew what the image is. I flip to the other side and ask him the same question. Then I ask him which image he would like to spell. He really likes the visual then spelling aspect of the puzzle, and he seems to love that there are options for him."

See & Spell
"Needs to be either marine quality paint on figures and letters or made of a polyurethane that will not deteriorate after extended use. Our grandson played so hard with it that some of the paint was already gone before the end of the day."

Highlights Sticker Fun Book - 4 book set
"I am an Occupational Therapist and I use it during my therapy sessions with many different children. To train their eye to look for the hidden picture, I have to sometimes show them a general area to look in to find the hidden picture."

Magnetic Poetry Kids' Kit
"Used for sentence formulation (speech/language delay) and also for near-point copying (visual motor integration difficulties). Also used this toy to engage students with ADHD and Autism and promote creativity for a typically dull task. "

"It is small enough that the students can handle the ant farm, and sturdy enough that we never had to worry about the lid. We chart the numbers of tunnels, the lengths, journal, learn about the jobs and how the ants work together (compare to classroom, and community jobs and the need to work together). We wrote creatively (some did storytelling that could not write and video taped it) about what is happening, what the ants are thinking watching us, what would their day be like, compared their ways of communicating without words to our ways of communicating without words. We always kept magnifying glasses handy for the kids to look and explore. Every day students from the mainstream popped in to see the changes as well. It doesn't matter what age or ability- there is so much to be learned and enjoyed from these ants. To adapt for mild/moderate visual impairments, I would put it under a document camera for the Smartboard so it can be blown up and seen in actual time."

16 inch Scooter with Handles
"This was great for having child sit or lay on it and push self around with hands!"

Shape It! Sand 5 lb.
"Kids with sensory needs LOVE this product."

"This toy can encourage interaction because peers can spin other peers. It offers easy ways to imitate peers, putting it on head, pretending to be a turtle, standing on . If a child on the autism spectrum likes to spin perhaps this is a nice toy to engage in that behavior appropriately because that's what bilibo is designed for!"

Jumping Beanditos in a Box
"We went on the internet and got information about jumping beans. It was interesting to learn that they needed to be sprinkled with water to keep them from drying out and that eventually it will become a moth. This gave my granddaughter a job to do and therefore she learned responsibility."

Shape It! Sand 5 lb.
"Moon Sand is a versatile toy. It can be used on its own or with simple props, such as pails, cups, and shovels, etc. Kids of all abilities can enjoy playing with it. I am also able to use it to teach abstract concepts, such as full/empty and in/out. I can encourage pretend play by building different types of buildings or animals with it. "

Stomp RocketĀ® Junior
"Used it to get children to put more weight on an injured leg while picking up the other leg to kick it. It's a balance tool - children have to stand on one leg for a second. Have had children use their hands to also use it. It's good for hand eye coordination."

Stomp RocketĀ® Junior
"This toy is being used almost daily in a speech therapist's office. A team approach is used, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy being done at the same time. The Stomp Rocket is of good value as a reward for a child having completed a difficult, less exciting task. It must be used with adult supervision. It's okay indoors if the ceiling is high enough, though better outdoors."

Little Helper Broom Set
"I mainly use the toy to work on crossing midline activities."

Spot It
"I actually enlarge the cards for my patients with visual impairments. I will also enlarge a card -cut it up into individual figures and present one figure to have the individual localize it on its card. Or I can show an individual picture (single item) and have the individual find it out of a figure ground demand of two cards next to each other... or two cards separated by 2 inches/3 inches/4 inches and the individual has to visually scan without moving their head....Or I can hold one card at a foot/2 feet/3 feet etc. away from the other card that is on the table and have a near-far demand which is what will be required for board to desk work in the future. I also will move a card in a horizontal/ verticle/ or rotational direction so that the individual will have to visually track the target as they transition from distance to near and back visual discriminations. Also I can show one item have the individual visualize it and take it away so now they have to use visual memory to localize on the card. There are many more ways to utilize these toys...it is the need of the individual and their level of availability that allows me to use my creative spirit and knowledge base to develop their visual perception, egocentric and sociocentric localization and utilization of toys as tools to learn. It allows us all to "not be captured by the disability but instead be available for the possibilty" of meaningful learning for our children and adults with special needs."

"This is a great toy for encouraging speech and language. There are so many attributes to discuss (size, shape, and color of the different pieces) as well as talking about what the children do with the materials. "

See & Spell
"If the letters had texture... not just smooth, it could enhance the tactile avenues for learning."

See & Spell
"I appreciate the hands on learning of this See & Spell wood puzzle. My son needs to learn with his fingers. He needs to move and manipulate. This encouraged thought and communication. He had to search for the letter and process what he was doing. I think he will learn quite a bit within the next few years playing with this spelling puzzle. He is four and just barely can put it together. A great challenge for him."

"Encouraged fine motor skills in putting the pieces together, but ultimately needed help in this regard. For kids with apraxia and difficulties with coordinating use of a straw, this is a unique twist that could make trying more fun again."

Labyrinth Balance Board
"I allowed my son with core strength, balance, and coordination issues to first use it with a support to help him move the balls and the board. He has gradually decreased the amount of support he needs. He now tries without any help."

Sensory Balls - Set of 4
"I specifically choose the Sensory Balls for their neurodevelopmental applications in individualized HANDLE programs. "

Hopper Ball - 20 inch
"My Grandson hops on the hopper ball, he rolls on it, he carries it around the house with him, he kicks it and throws it. He uses it in so many different ways to explore and learn. It handles well both indoors as well as outdoors. When we take it to the park, he shares it with other children. When parents have asked where I found it, I gladly tell them fatbraintoys.com."

Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle
"Helps to identify feelings and read emotions on faces. Can note appropriate clothing for weather conditions. Assists in eye hand coordination, size discrimination, spatial visualization, family components."

Peanut Ball - 22 inch
"We use the Peanut Ball for rolling, deep pressure, bouncing, motor planning via music and playing games such as Freeze, Waiting Game, etc."

Khet (formerly Deflexion)
"Khet game play requires planning and strategically thinking about two or three moves ahead. "

Snap Circuits Jr.
"This was easy to use with hand-over-hand assist for placement of pieces. The snaps were easy to push on. The switches are also easy with hand-over-hand. My son really enjoyed the effect he could have by just pushing a switch!"

Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks 40 Pcs
"I work with many disabled babies. There probably isn't anything better than large sturdy blocks for every developmental possibility out there."

Tangle Therapy
"It's good for coordination, muscle development, boredom, stress and tactile stimulation (of the hands/fingers). I ordered other products from your site that are great for brain development."

Tangle Relax Therapy
"My son uses this at his desk when he needs to cool down or wake up. He really enjoys it. It's small enough that it doesn't bother the other students."

"The PlasmaCar is great for coordination and use of upper body -- especially for children with low tone and difficulties crossing mid-line."

Magnetic MightyMind
"The tiles themselves could be more tactile-interesting. Our daughter will play with toys/objects longer if they have different textures than the ones she comes in contact with day-to-day. Maybe have some tiles, with a bumpy surface, some have a rubber coating, some have ripples, etc. Then there would be more dimensions in which one could play with them. We used them in the beginning as a supplement to a matching program (matching objects to pictures/vica versa) and she's excellent at puzzles, so this was a different take on that ability. It definitely intrigues her, but like I said before, if they "felt" better, her attention span with them would be much longer. Its a great toy overall. Even our 18 month old is able to use it. Thank you. Hope you do consider the suggestions though."

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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