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Autism toys games

Autism toys games

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with autism in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

"Overall, the product is great. My child psychotherapy clients love playing with Squigs. One difference I would suggest would be the opening and closing of the container that the Squigs are stored in. It could be a bit challenging for small children to open with their little fingers. The container itself is also a little challenging to repack with the Squigs after dumping them all out."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"Fun to play with cars, plastic cookie cutters, or anything else that can leave a mark in the sand when it's flat. It doesn't easily squish through tubes. But it builds very nicely into all kinds of shapes, and comes apart again for remaking."

Dado Cardboard Bricks
"Can be used as a Manding opportunity. Easy side-by-side peer play. Easy object play interaction."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Playing with this sand during talk therapy is a great way for children and adults with attentive disorders or anxiety to be able to keep their hands busy in a productive and soothing way. Autistic children have expressed that they like it because it doesn't stick to their hands like normal sand does."

3D Feel & Find
"Can be made more simple or complex according to how many pieces you place in the bag. Can place similar pieces in the bag for more specific tactile discrimination. Can be used as simple one piece puzzles for younger/lower level functioning individuals. Can be used as a group or individual activity."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"Just provide the person with a medium sized "tupperware-like" container and put the sand in it (and a lid). It makes it easy to just reach in, grab some and start playing with it. "

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"The kinetic movement of this sand was great for my students with a variety of disabilities."

Brio Magnetic Building Blocks
"Wonderful for working on cognitive concepts such as color sorting and block building. Also fantastic for working on different hand grasps. "

Green Running Tyrannosaurus Rex
"It encourages imaginative play. We are able to use the T. Rex to encourage language development and playing with peers."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"My autistic child is a teenager who will sit quietly and manipulate the sand through her hands with no interaction with others. Good tactile media product for self calming. She can squeeze it tight in her hands when frustrated, she seems to calm as the sand falls out of her fist. My child with chromosomal anomaly and schizophrenia plays with it in many ways, it is the best tactile media box we have had so far (definitely keeps her coming back). My child with sensory integration disorder loves to play with it, but after about 30 minutes, complains incessantly about it getting "sticky", she then quits playing with it. She does keep coming back though, because she discovered that she likes it cold. When it warms up, she is done. I will say, it never actually feels sticky to me, but I do notice that when she starts to complain, is when it starts to cling to skin more than itself. We just keep it in a cool place and put it away when it gets too warm."

Perplexus - Epic
"This gift is perfect for an Aspergers child! My brilliant 8 year old nephew was so excited to receive this he didn't want to open any more gifts. He has other Perplexus puzzles and will often use them before bed to wind down. They capture his focus and allow him to concentrate for a long time while having tons of fun. Fat Brain Toys will be my first stop when shopping for him in the future because of the awesome special needs lists. So wonderful!"

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"We loved that this boggie board was recommended for fine motor skills. Our son loves to practice his writing and we love that it strengthens his fine motor skills!! "

Kimochis Mini Mixed Feelings Bag
"I think just use it all the time until it becomes second nature to pick an emotion when your kid is having a tough time expressing that emotion, and then hopefully he/she will not need to pick an emotion but be able to tell you what he/she is feeling."

"I use it as a fidget in class. It is quiet and discreet while providing an appropriate form of stimulation for me to better focus. It is also a conversation point if I choose to use it as such because other people think it is cool and want to play with it as well."

Magic Moves Electronic Wand
"She was able to use the toy as intended. The buttons are raised so she can easily locate and use them on her own. "

Nanoblock Sites to See
"The famous landmarks as themes to the nano blocks was a great way to engage my 13 yr old daughter in a conversation. It was a toy that she could build alone and then engage others in conversation about its unique size, the challenge of putting something so small together, and the landmark itself. It was a great way to work on social and language skills and yet let her own talents and personality shine."

Rush Hour
"My granddaughter was able to use some of the easier routes and designs to reach a successful conclusion of the game. Some of them don't take too long so she was able to maintain attention with little frustration. She really enjoyed the game."

MACK Cement Mixer
"My son is Autistic and anything with wheels he loves. We have many big trucks and we like to line them up. "

Spy Gear Night Sight
"It's just way cool to be a part of Mystery, Inc. with our own spy gear :)"

NameTrain Letter Cars
"My son loves magnet things. we are not using these for the train thing so much. We are just putting the letters together to make his name. "

Fun Water Game
"I have 6 grandchildren. Two little boys are autistic. The ages are 4-8. The typically developing kids enjoyed it as well."

Super Snow - 100 gram jar
"For sensory experience!"

Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop
"Our son has low muscle tone associated with a rare genetic disorder Prader-Willi Syndrome and this toy helps greatly with his eye hand coordination and occupational therapy needs."

Alphabet Go Fish! Card Game
"We used it for letter recognition and the pictures for their word value. Keeping the pictures simple allows for less distraction as well."

"Our son loved the colors and watching the cause and effect of trails being made where he rode his bike. Other kids in the neighborhood were interested in the trails and wanted to ride bikes with him to follow the trails he made, so it helped break down some of the social barriers my son has difficulty with. "

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"For children with ADD/ADHD helped with fidgeting and focus. (similar to play-doh) I have a child with Autism who attends my childcare. This sand is much like play-doh, but a new twist. It helps with fine motor skills, imagination, social skills, and communication. Fine motor skills: rolling into balls and forming shapes, castles, and cutting it. Imagination: you can make sand castles, cookies, shapes, and we also have a construction set, ice cream set that goes with it. Social skills: talking and interacting with other kids at the table. Communication: We ask them to make specific things and they show us their new creations."

Ultra Stomp Rocket®
"This was easy for the child to use. He understood how to use it right away. Entertained him for a long time."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"Great for break time between tasks, art therapy, calming aid for students with anxiety, 'fidget' for students who need to keep their hands busy to aid in concentration, OT support for students with fine motor deficits. "

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great sensory product to encourage tactile exploration and also aids in calming."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"I use this product with many special needs students. It is a great sensory item. It can be used by children at all ability levels."

"Uses can include: sorting by color, eliciting a verbal response to the color chosen, or asked to be chosen, creating patterns. Also, very helpful for strengthening of fine motor skills, following directions for placement of the component part. "

"My 4 year old Grandson has Autism. He likes bikes and cars. He doesn't have the balance or coordination required to ride a bike. He is very tall so the toddler cars, even the motorized ones are too small for him. This fits him very well, size wise, and has enough room so that even when he grows he can still use it. I like that it doesn't have any batteries or require any charging or anything. I like that it's low enough to the ground. I'm not worried about him falling or being injured. He gets some exercise when he pushes along with his feet. Bikes and other toy cars in the past have not worked for him. This car is amazing. Great Price. Most importantly he is so happy and so proud of himself when he's on it. "

Peanut Ball - 22 inch
"My son loves to bounce, so he is able to sit on it easier than a regular exercise ball. He can also lay on his tummy and roll back and forth, which he finds calming."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"Great for arthritic hands..... good exercises for hand, the ability to mold into different shapes with hands."

Tangle Jr. Fuzzies
"Buy lots of this if you see that it's helpful! Don't punish yourself if you lose one. It's only $4 and little things can get lost. It happens to everything. "

Tobbles Neo
"This toy is perfect for kids with coordination disorders or apraxia. Would be perfect for young children with hand tremors as the added weight would help to ground them."

"Simple but fantastic! Used with children in Early Childhood Special Education program. Great for promoting hand strength, working on early language and speech sounds, maintaining attention and more. Love this toy!"

Quercetti - Skyrail Roller Coaster
"They want to make it look exactly like the picture and get frustrated when the ball goes off track."

Slam Shot Rocketz
"We uses hand over hand to push it down with our 3 year old"

Lace & Trace Shapes
"Very good for fine motor skills and also good for non verbal children"

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"The child using this toy doesn't like the dirty part of playing regular sand. This sand does not get you dirty so it was a BIG hit!"

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great for creative play, tactile sensations, distinguishing various textures, finding hidden objects with hands or tools for fine and visual motor skills"

Magnetic Poetry Kids' Kit
"I have many students with varying disabilities; some more severe than others. Word magnets (this kit and others) have sparked an interest in some of my more unmotivated students. I would have liked these kits even more if options of punctuation were included. (periods, commas, question marks, quotation marks, exclamation points) Hopefully, another kit will come out that includes these items. "

Super Fun Marble Run
"It needs to have more stability. "

USA Map Sound Puzzle
"For starters, I had to guide my son through this for introduction of the map, naming each state and pointing to it. To make it a little easier for him and not to overwhelming, I handed a state out, one by one, so he can look for just "one". In my case, my son would get too frustrated looking at all the pieces all together and would loose interest quickly."

Dado Squares
"Great for fine tuning hand and eye coordination for all ages. Kids can start to build, leave, and come back to it. Works well for Fine motor skills."

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"My son dislikes handwriting. The boogie board makes handwriting fun! He doesn't even realize he's learning!!!"

Hexbug Robotic Bug
"My son is autistic, he loves to watch the bug run around."

Monkey Math
"Have to use this by SHOWING her and leading by example and walking her through it verbally & visually to give her sense of accomplishment & success in order to get her to continue it on her own, despite getting incorrect answers on the way. Seems good for her, since she has a very low frustration tolerance."

Knights & Dragon Toob
"Good for use in a sand box or a sand tray."

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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