Fat Brain Toys http://www.fatbraintoys.com/?tid=rss Most Popular Selling Toys en-us #1. Personalized Name Puzzle by Wells Wood Works /toy_companies/wells_wood_works/personalized_name_puzzle.cfm Personalized Name Puzzle! A custom name puzzle just for your child! Unusual names & spellings -no problem! Encourage logic, fine motor skills, name recognition & spelling, self esteem. In primary colors or pastel colors. 2 x 3 inch pieces, ideal for small hands. High quality compressed wood construction. 2014-09-30 #2. Squigz by Fat Brain Toy Co. /toy_companies/fat_brain_toy_co/squigz.cfm Suction Construction! Squigz to build, bounce and stick to almost any surface - even windows! Super flexible Squigz can be assembled to create an impressive array of vehicles, robots, jewelry and more. Just as fun to POP apart! They're fun little suckers. 2014-09-30 #3. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets by Improv Electronics /toy_companies/improv_electronics/boogie_board_lcd_writing_tablets.cfm Say Goodbye to Paper, And Hello to A Greener World! Write and erase your image with the touch of a button – and a friendly flash from the liquid crystal display – COOL! An impressive alternative to memo pads, sticky notes, and scrap paper. 2014-09-30 #4. Stomp Rocket® Junior by D&L Company /toy_companies/d_l_company/stomp_rocket_junior.cfm So easy to use even very small kids can set up the rockets, jump, stomp, and launch rockets on their own. Kids easily give this kids rocket power, and they will be grinning ear to ear about the distance they made it fly. The perfect indoor or outdoor toy. Includes 4 safe, foam rockets, launch pad, hose, stand. Ages 3+ 2014-09-30 #5. Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb by WABA Fun, LLC /toy_companies/waba_fun_llc/kinetic_sand_22_lb.cfm It's like nothing you've ever touched before. Remarkably, Kinetic Sand moves by itself as you work with it. It continually rearranges itself. Squeeze it, shape it, visibly it quick-melts, and the movement is fascinating! Great for stress relief and relaxation. 2014-09-30 #6. pipSquigz by Fat Brain Toy Co. /toy_companies/fat_brain_toy_co/pipsquigz.cfm The ultimate KEEP-THEIR-ATTENTION TOY has arrived! Meet pipSquigz, they're Fun Little Suckers! Watch baby interact with playful colors, fun sounds, fresh tactile experiences and super suction. 2014-09-30 #7. Teeter Popper by Fat Brain Toy Co. /toy_companies/fat_brain_toy_co/teeter_popper.cfm A NEW utensil for play. How it's used is up to the kids! Whether they rock it, roll it, sit in it or stand... kids want to move with Teeter Popper! How wildly fun it is! “POP-POP-POP!” Senses go for a ride every time they play. 2014-09-30 #8. BikeBrightz by Brightz /toy_companies/brightz/bikebrightz_.cfm As seen on the Today Show. BikeBrightz radiate style and safety at the same time! They're the latest thing in bike accessories. BrikeBrightz add bright beams of light to your bike. Riding is a whole new experience with beautiful radiant light. 2014-09-30 #9. Monster Bowling by Melissa & Doug /toy_companies/melissa_doug/monster_bowling.cfm Funny, silly Monster Bowling! Toddler & preschool bowling set teaches colors, counting, concentration, coordination, gross motor abilities, sensory awareness, motor planning, visual tracking, cause & effect, taking turns, friendly interactions. 2014-09-30 #10. Tobbles Neo by Fat Brain Toy Co. /toy_companies/fat_brain_toy_co/tobbles_neo.cfm Tobbles Neo. Innovative creative play and modern design. Six vibrant, weighted pieces for delightful experimentation. Dual-color, unique grippable texture, playful curves enliven tactile experiences. Dynamic play potential - stack, topple, spin, balance, wobble, tilt, wiggle, roll! 2014-09-30 #11. Spooner Board - Freestyle 24" by Spooner Inc /toy_companies/spooner_inc/spooner_board_freestyle_24.cfm Spooner makes it easy to learn skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding techniques all year round! Improves core stability, balance, coordination and gross-motor skills. Try a new board sport or master a new trick without worry. The Spooner Board is a wildly fun balance board that is virtually indestructible. 2014-09-30 #12. Perplexus - Epic by Perplexus by Patch /toy_companies/perplexus_by_patch/perplexus_epic.cfm 125 barriers within new Perplexus Epic give you a spectacularly solid challenge. 8.5 inch diameter puzzle maze filled with twists & turns, intricate ins & outs, mind-straining mental stimulus. Guide the metal ball through the 3D maze puzzle. It's a mentally stimulating experience you won't forget! 2014-09-30 #13. Perplexus by Perplexus by Patch /toy_companies/perplexus_by_patch/perplexus.cfm Perplexus 3D puzzle maze is the coolest maze you'll ever hope to solve! Clearly enticing, mentally stimulating, and often wrestled over - Perplexus is a brainteaser like few others. Turn, angle, and balance the entire puzzle ball to keep the metal sphere rolling on track. 2014-09-30 #14. bilibo by Kid O /toy_companies/kid_o/bilibo.cfm Both boys and girls can find virtually unlimited ways to play with Bilibos - from rocking, spinning, and sitting to hiding under, carrying with, and peeking through. At home, at the park, at the beach, in the water, and even in the snow, Bilibo provides hours of open-ended play. Ages 2+ 2014-09-30 #15. See & Spell by Melissa & Doug /toy_companies/melissa_doug/see_spell.cfm See & Spell Puzzle. First, "feel" the alphabet, "see" the alphabet. Next, associate letters with objects! Puzzle-playing children marvel in using puzzle-solving skills to spell words. A great, confidence-building, teaching resource for beginning readers. Teaches pre-reading concepts, phonics, literacy development! 16 puzzle pictures & 50+ vibrant letters. Ages 4+ 2014-09-30 #16. Snap Circuits Jr. by Elenco Electronics, Inc. /toy_companies/elenco_electronics_inc/snap_circuits_jr.cfm <b>Dr Toy 100 Best Children's Products Winner. Even Edison would be intrigued.</b> Engineer 101 exciting, useful electronic gadgets & play lively electronic games! A great collection of materials. All parts snap easily. All circuits are simple to build and understand. Perfect for the novice engineer. Ages 8+ 2014-09-30 #17. Super Fun Marble Run by Fat Brain Toys /toy_companies/fat_brain_toys/super_fun_marble_run.cfm Exercise creative brain power as you build tall towers that twist and loop into endless combinations with Super Fun Marble Run! Drop your marbles down the shoots and watch them race through a colorful vortex, topsy-turvy trails or the super cool loop the loop! 2014-09-30 #18. Make-Your-Own Monster Puppet by Melissa & Doug /toy_companies/melissa_doug/make_your_own_monster_puppet.cfm Never the same puppet twice! Children assemble & reassemble a bazillion crazy creatures from their imagination! 2014-09-30 #19. Alphabet Sound Puzzle by Melissa & Doug /toy_companies/melissa_doug/alphabet_sound_puzzle.cfm Hear the names of 26 letters & objects that begin with them! Highly durable & colorful, this classic ABC puzzle by Melissa & Doug teaches children the alphabet, letter identification, letter sounds, small motor skills, cause & effect relationships! Corresponding pictures beneath each piece for vocabulary development. Ages 3+ 2014-09-30 #20. Snuggle Pods by Manhattan Toy /toy_companies/manhattan_toy/snuggle_pods.cfm Adorable. Simply Adorable. These little snuggle pods are sweet, soft, lovely to look at, lovely to touch. Satin-lined peapod & peanut shells cradle 10 inch velvety baby dolls. Babies and toddlers love toting and tucking in their own adorable first baby doll. Hugging them & tucking them in fosters early development of nurturing skills. 12 inches. Ages 6 mo+ 2014-09-30 #21. 14-in-1 Solar Robot by Elenco Electronics, Inc. /toy_companies/elenco_electronics_inc/14_in_1_solar_robot.cfm Engineer 14 moving, rolling, and swimming robots! The process educates and fascinates the mind! Create a dog-bot, crawling turtle-bot, wheel bot, boat bot, roly poly bot, zombie bot, and eight more solar robots. Includes 2 Levels - Basic and Advanced. 2014-09-30 #22. PlasmaCar by PlaSmart /toy_companies/plasmart/plasmacar.cfm Kids' race car of the future. Hop on Plasma Car to zip, zoom & cruise! No typical toy pedal car, this revolutionary ride on toy has even adults Plasma Car crazy! Harness natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity & friction! 2014-09-30 #23. Fat Brain Toys Digital Gift Certificate by Fat Brain Toys /toy_companies/fat_brain_toys/fat_brain_toys_digital_gift_certificate.cfm "You have so many choices, but what do I choose?" Let the recipient choose what they want with a Fat Brain Toys gift certificate! A gift certificate is the perfect gift for all occasions. Choose from denominations of $5 to $500. 2014-09-30 #24. Squigz Benders by Fat Brain Toy Co. /toy_companies/fat_brain_toy_co/squigz_benders.cfm Playful curiosity. It's got new legs. Squigz Benders join Squigz imaginative construction. See aliens' legs stretch to unknown lands, whirling lassos, wearable goggles, Suess-like contraptions, and new innovations in pet harnesses. 2014-09-30 #25. Reptangles by Fat Brain Toy Co. /toy_companies/fat_brain_toy_co/reptangles.cfm <b><font color=red>As seen on ABC's Good Morning America!</font></b> 2010 Parents' Choice Award -Recommended! Flip, slide, turn, connect, combine, build with Fat Brain’s newest construction toy! Clever, colorful turtles snap & slide together in over 100 incredible ways! Each set of 24 Reptangles comes with a full-color bonus activity book with 80+ puzzles to encourage young minds to explore the world of geometry, design & construction. 2014-09-30