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2 Star reviews of Aquasaurs by Uncle Milton

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Aquasaurs has been reviewed 65 times with an average rating of 3.82

My rating of Aquasaurs
Posted 3/3/2012 by Karan Blackmer
Rating: 2

We thought that the instructions were a little confusing. The eggs came in the little container and not a packet like the instructions talked about. Plus... and we did follow the instructions exactly - the little aquasaurs all died except for one.
Hang on little Aquasaur buddy - your new family is coming! Our customer was promptly shipped new eggs. Hatch another plan if your eggs don't make it - please visit our Returns & Exchanges center!

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Posted 7/30/2011
Rating: 2

My son was real excited to watch the Aquasaurs hatch, unfortunately none did. Maybe the key is keeping the water from overheating? The plastic seems a little flimsy but seems to hold the water fine.
Watching Aquasaurs hatch is an experience that you want to see- and we'll help to see you through! We requested new eggs from the manufacturer for our customer. If your Aquasaur eggs never hatch, please visit the Returns & Exchanges center. Our claim of great customer service is all it's cracked up to be.

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Difficult And Disappointing
Posted 4/14/2007 by Kim
Rating: 2

This toy was hand picked by my science/dino-loving 4 year old. He was so excited when he received the Aquasaurs. It looked just as described. My husband and I read the particular and precarious instructions - written in a way that made it hard for our son to participate in setting up his new toy. He was disappointed not to be able to "get his hands dirty" so to speak. Some of the pitfalls: Apparently the eggs will not hatch if the water is not kept at a consistent 75-85 degrees. You cannot keep the tank in direct sunlight, or near a heat source. In New England, unless you live in a greenhouse or it's the middle of July, that's a pretty tall order. Also, there is warning that the water (after adding the eggs) becomes highly contaminated and germ filled. Again, not really conducive to a 4 year old "hands on" science experiment. Get a few gallons of distilled water-that is the only kind to be used-even to rinse the rocks for the bottom. Lastly, the tank separated from the base when we tried to move it over a smidge and spilled germy water. Needless to say, the eggs have not hatched. We are left with a mucky mess that my poor son looks at longingly every morning. Good concept, but didn't play out for us.
If your Aquasaur experience causes your head to swim with doubts, let us know! We're not egging you on when we say we make things right! Please visit the Returns & Exchanges center for details and peace of mind.

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Third Time Is The Charm, I Hope.
Posted 3/14/2007 by Adrienne
Rating: 2

Well, I followed the included instructions, which included using only half of the egg pack & saving the other half. The instructions stated that they would be visible in 48 hours, but after a week, there was nothing. I then followed the instructions given for what to do if nothing hatched, adding the rest of the egg pack. After a couple of days, we did finally see something, which I assumed was the aquasaurs/triops. My daughter was very excited. Apparently, however, these creatures we have spawned must not be triops, because we have had them several weeks now, and they have not grown at all. I mean at all. They are still alive and we have been feeding them, but they don't grow. Also, there are supposed to be about 50 eggs in the entire egg pack, and there must be about 300 of these tiny little things, so I don't think they can possibly be the triops. I am not sure at this point if we will buy a refill kit and try again. Overall, so far I am not very impressed.
Don't stop feeding them. Those tiny little swimming creatures are baby Aquasaurs! Give them time and faithful attention and they'll grow into the odd-looking swimming creatures you expect them to be!

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A rating of Aquasaurs
Posted 5/28/2007
Rating: 2

My 5 year old grandson was so excited when the Aquasaurs were delivered so we tried to set it up right away. Unfortunately, the tank is very cheap plastic and it started leaking. After some experimentation, I found it would not leak if we only filled it slightly less than half way (the instructions say to fill it to an inch from the top). It's been 5 days and no eggs have hatched. If they do eventually hatch, I'm not sure if there will be enough water in the tank. I'm tempted to rip out the 'scenery' from the tank and try to create a new tank using a glass bowl. The only reason I'm not rating this product with just one star is because I have hopes that the eggs may hatch in the next few days.
Give them a little more time. Some Aquasaurs are hesitant to leave the comfort of their shells. Please visit the Returns & Exchanges center if they are not happily swimming outside their shells beyond a week's time.

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Posted 2/20/2007 by Maryanne
Rating: 2

The container is flimsy and it not appropriate for the age group that this product is for. Also the temperature of the water cannot be maintained to keep the triops alive.
We contacted Maryanne. A refund or replacement is offered to customers for Aquasaurs that aren't a swimming success.)

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Information about Aquasaurs
Posted 1/14/2013 by Lynetta Wood
Rating: 2

The product was easy to set up but once the water was in the aquarium it was extremely flimsy and crumpled easily. We stablized it with a baking sheet. The eggs did not hatch and my nephew was really upset.
Great service is eggs-actly what you can expect. A replacement was promptly shipped for the defective Aquasaur unit. Visit the Returns & Exchanges Center for details.

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