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Aspergers toys games
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Aspergers toys games

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with aspergers in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

Teeter Popper
"My special needs students loved the teeter popper. They sat, layed on and twirled on it for as long as it was out. One of my students turned it over and pretended it was a turtle shell. The popping sound was enjoyable to the children as well. "

"This is a great sensory fulfillment toy for my high functioning Autistic/Developmentally delayed son. It's great also for my seven year old with ADHD! "

Tangle Jr. Textured
"Helps with concentration and relaxation. Also keeps hands occupied while the teacher is teaching."

Snap Circuits Motion
"I feel this product is great for my son with his disabilities. It has helped him with his fine motor skills. It has also helped him come out if his shell and experiment with new ideas instead of always following the directions. This product has also helped foster a sense of accomplishment in him. He is more creative and uses his imagination more with these kits. I highly recommend them."

Tangle Jr. Textured
"I purchased this for my son to use as a fidget at school. He enjoys it a lot and says it is a big help!"

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"I use this product for tactile exploration with my special needs student that have sensory processing difficulties. I also use this as a motivator at the end of the therapy session. It is offered as a "free choice" option and most of my students gravitate to this product."

Vehicles Chunky Puzzle
"Use as puzzle or use pieces to create skits/social stories for behavior analysis and ABA therapy. "

"I work with behavior students. While not every student engages with Kaleidograph, those that do, find that it can help to deescalate their behavior and help them focus. "

Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Spin Stunt Set
"My son focuses on building things. This was a great alternative to legos. Something new for him to do and still engage him. I would suggest picking up an accessory kit to go with it makes a big difference. "

Balancing Monkeys
"I usually use this as a first then exercise to work on the fine motor 'pinching' grasp. It was not everyone's favorite game so a preferred followed to ensure completion. It works well if you sing the 8 little monkeys swinging on a tree song. This works on numbers and speech. Setting it up requires communication which is wonderful as well. The precision needed is moderate to high, depending on age. Used with age 2-7 with low gross and fine motor abilities. Great practice, quick set up and and take down. This game can also be finished in 5 minutes if it is behaviour you are working on. There is no end that needs to be achieved and therefore you can make your own goals (put up 2,3,4 or all of the monkeys). You can also add this to any preferred game by having children place one monkey in the tree before their turn or every 2 minutes of their preferred play. Many uses, creative and simple. Some kids even liked playing with the monkeys in a doll house, with cars, or in the bath (not recommended as they seem to absorb the soap.!) "

Sturdy Birdy
"This toy helps my daughter with mild autism/Aspergers as well as mild ADHD work on her gross motor skills. My daughter has difficulties with coordination of all four limbs at once and I think this is not unusual among kids on the autism spectrum. Because you strike and hold the pose you can work on getting it just like in the picture; it is not like a jumping jack which is all four limbs in motion - and too difficult sometimes, too much like work. We can gently urge her to better match Reggie the pigeon's pose without it seeming like nagging. She doesn't use it any differently than other kids although I would say I cut her some slack on exactly matching the pose. The rules allow you to match up to three poses on a turn; we allow adults to match two poses so as to level the playing field for the kids."

Constructive Eating Utensils - Set of 3
"Used to entice kids to explore and play with food as a step towards trying new foods."

Roylco Animal X-Rays
"We used this product indoors and outdoors, using a light box and windows to show how light affects how we see xrays. For these students with special needs, It added a sensory element to our science focus on animals in class, allowing them to stay calm abd investigate their animal interests. For our students on the ausitm spectrum, who are very facinated by animals, they were enthralled by being able to see inside an animal and loved touching and using the xrays on the light box. "

Tangle Therapy
"One of my daughter's behavioral issues is OCD which manifests as Trichotillomania (she twirls and pulls out her hair, to the point of baldness). This kind of toy gives her something else to do with her hands when stressed or bored :)"

"He enjoyed these because it was something that he could play with for a LONG period of time and could keep changing the way he played. He could stick them to different surfaces, sort them by color or shape, build with them, etc. Plus he could watch us build with them to see other ways to use them. It was great for the senses because of the material they are made from and the colors, the popping sounds when pulled apart. They weren't a loud toy with minimal ways to play with them like so many others. Once he figure out the popping noise from pulling them apart, he did that for awhile. "

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"In the class room the children will ask for this sand as their free use of time before the iPads. this is huge, they seem to truly the relaxing nature of this flowing sand "

"Overall, the product is great. My child psychotherapy clients love playing with Squigs. One difference I would suggest would be the opening and closing of the container that the Squigs are stored in. It could be a bit challenging for small children to open with their little fingers. The container itself is also a little challenging to repack with the Squigs after dumping them all out."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Playing with this sand during talk therapy is a great way for children and adults with attentive disorders or anxiety to be able to keep their hands busy in a productive and soothing way. Autistic children have expressed that they like it because it doesn't stick to their hands like normal sand does."

3D Feel & Find
"Can be made more simple or complex according to how many pieces you place in the bag. Can place similar pieces in the bag for more specific tactile discrimination. Can be used as simple one piece puzzles for younger/lower level functioning individuals. Can be used as a group or individual activity."

Perplexus - Epic
"This gift is perfect for an Aspergers child! My brilliant 8 year old nephew was so excited to receive this he didn't want to open any more gifts. He has other Perplexus puzzles and will often use them before bed to wind down. They capture his focus and allow him to concentrate for a long time while having tons of fun. Fat Brain Toys will be my first stop when shopping for him in the future because of the awesome special needs lists. So wonderful!"

"I use it as a fidget in class. It is quiet and discreet while providing an appropriate form of stimulation for me to better focus. It is also a conversation point if I choose to use it as such because other people think it is cool and want to play with it as well."

Alphabet Sound Puzzle
"One of my daughter's obsessions is phonics and the alphabet. She chose the alphabet sound puzzle."

Spy Night Scope
"Bigger viewing holes would be helpful."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great sensory product to encourage tactile exploration and also aids in calming."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"I use this product with many special needs students. It is a great sensory item. It can be used by children at all ability levels."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great for creative play, tactile sensations, distinguishing various textures, finding hidden objects with hands or tools for fine and visual motor skills"

Yo Baby Kick Flipper
"Allows for my busy son to play indoors yet be physically active."

Knights & Dragon Toob
"Good for use in a sand box or a sand tray."

Splash of Fashion
"Used for creating coordinating outfits."

Magnetic Supermind
"The magnets make a huge difference in making this game more enjoyable for kids with special needs that have fine motor challenges. "

Tangle Relax Therapy
"My son used it as a brain tool to keep his hands busy while listening in class or other environments where he needs to stay focued."

"It is a great toy for the Aspergers disorder in males or females. It kept her attention and made her think. Thank you."

Really Big Words for Kids
"My child is a visual learner. It was easier to see and feel the words."

36 piece Barkless Tree Block Set in a Bag
"It was used by all children we serve. I did not observe any special accommodations needed for children to play with the blocks."

Hot Dots Pen
"I purchase the Hot Dots pen for my 7 year old son who has Aspergers. This has become one of his favorite activities. He has a bit of trouble having conversations with and usually only wants to talk about what he is interested in and he wants to carry the bulk of the conversations. Hot Dots has opened up a new line of communication for us. It allows me to have dialogue with him and he actually will talk about what I want to talk about. I am able to use the cards to ask him questions about other info he knows. An example would be for the cards dealing with money. He can use the card and the pen to answer what a particular coin is called but then I can continue that with a conversation about what the coin is worth, who is on the coin, how they were important in American history, etc. It really is so exciting to see him start to have the ability to have an actual conversation with me. I am so happy that I found the Hot Dots pen and I know it will continue to be used by our family for many years to come."

Personalized Name Blocks
"The letter blocks are great for children with Autism in my opinion, as the children already see things from a unique perspective, the blocks give them control on how they choose to see the letter, without being wrong. The autistic world is so black and white, it's nice to throw in some color and not have it be anywhere close to the gray area we already avoid. The colors and options on each letter block also appeal to my Childs ADHD side as they can change them at will yet, the letter remains the same. Fidget away!! Explore and learn! So great! The texture is perfect for my tactile sensitive children. Smooth, and simple. Perfection in the shape of a square. "

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"I think this is a great item for kiddos with autism who struggle with fine motor skills. It allows them to write as big or wacky as they like and erase in a flash. My kid can get stuck on erasing or frustrated at having to get more scratch paper, so it's nice to dispense with those distractions. I do think the stylus might be tricky for some kids, so it might be worth it to look at finding a different, larger stylus. However, they can write with their finger, if they are inclined, and the board is pretty durable so they can use a lot of pressure and not do damage. "

Roylco Straws and Connectors Jumbo Set - 705 pc
"Teaching cooperative social skills with kids who don't get it is really hard. These flexible straws are terrific for having the students take turns adding pieces to make a class project."

Spooner Board - Freestyle 24"
"It's great for kids how it is!"

Hot Dots Jr. Kat the Talking Teaching Kitty
"Our speech delayed child is repeating the sayings the cat says along with some of the names of the pictures on the cards. Our MR child uses the kitty to find the correct answer and from the answer figures out what question was being asked. Knowing then what is being asked she can figure out how to read the sentence. Our Aspergers child loves the vibration. She will hit the correct answer 3 times till it vibrates. She doesn't like the light up eyes so she just turns it round so she can't see them. Our developmentally delayed child who tries to skip through everything and avoid reading has to slow down and sound out the words to the question. Since the kitty makes it fun their is no more fighting over reading. It is also helping him understand what he is reading. "

Shape It! Sand 5 lb.
"I saw a bin of moon sand used at my autistic son's school used as a behavior reinforcer....the student did her work and then was allowed to run her hands through the sand as a reward. I've found that in my sensory storytime at the library, it depends on the child's sensory issues. For some, the sand may be too smooth. For others it's just right. It holds together well for scooping and building things but a lot of the kids just interact with it sort of randomly..."experiencing" it rather than "using" it for something. The colors are great but we mix them up too--that doesn't seem to matter to any of the kids. Sometimes fun things are "de-selected" depending on the color, but most kids play with the moon sand. We also have a bin of foam (like Floam) that we use at different times. Not quite as good (a little too sticky at times) but still appealing..."

Brain Food
"Helps him remain focused while completing tasks that require him to sit still."

C Major Diatonic Scale Set
"We will be using this as a rhythm and music activity with adults with disabilities. I plan to use flash cards with colored dots to indicate when each tube is played. I saw this method used with a bell choir and it worked well. The leader holds up cards, one after the other, and when the musicians play their instrument according to the colors shown, they end up creating a beautiful piece of music. I'm excited about using this instrument as part of our program."

Brain Food
"Great product for strenghtening hands for fine motor activities. Texture is great for sensory issues - very dry to touch - not wet feeling like other putty products. Can mold it or just pull apart and will eventually ooze back into original form. Very highly recommend for fine motor skills. My son has autism and will play with this product. Great mindless fine motor activity. Adults love to play with this as well!!"

No Stress Chess
"My son really likes how the board and cards taught him how to play chess. He has really enjoyed it. "

Highlights Sticker Fun Book - 4 book set
"I am an Occupational Therapist and I use it during my therapy sessions with many different children. To train their eye to look for the hidden picture, I have to sometimes show them a general area to look in to find the hidden picture."

Human Anatomy Models
"Asperger children normally have a high IQ and are very curious. My grandson is a very high functioning Asperger. It took a long time to get a diagnosis and now the puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place for him. He does especially well with things that are scientific in nature. He's 8 and has a constant barage of questions. I think this skull will help with some questions and most assuredly will bring about new questions. His motor skills do need some work and I feel that putting this skull together will help him with his coping skills and his fine motor skills."

"Even though I bought one for each of my Autistics boys they love to play with one together! They even take turns without being told too!"

"I have purchased many Steppers previously to use with my special needs classes. It is a wonderful tool for increasing gross motor skills and balance. Physical assistance can be provided by standing behind the child and it can be reduced as the child gains more skill. I also teach the students to pull the cord back through the stepper and place it into the stepper. They do this for both steppers and then put the two together. The whole process is increasing many skills (e.g. following directions, fine and gross motor skills, motor planning). One of the coolest things is that when my students are using the steppers, all of their typically developing peers see them 'having fun' and want to be in 'their class'. It is such a great therapy tool as well as a great reinforcer for doing "seat work" which isn't always the preferred activity."

Klutz Potholders
"Very versatile item with a million uses. My 96 yr old grandmother was mad that I didn't buy one for her too! My daughter makes animals, my son makes potholders for his teachers, everyone has been able to individualize it!"

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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