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Autism toys games

Autism toys games

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with autism in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

Super Fun Marble Run
"Allows a child with a math and logic brain to problem solve and express themselves creatively. "

Teeter Popper
"My special needs students loved the teeter popper. They sat, layed on and twirled on it for as long as it was out. One of my students turned it over and pretended it was a turtle shell. The popping sound was enjoyable to the children as well. "

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great sensory toy. Playing with the sand is very relaxing to my Child with Autism."

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"This is very useful for individuals with hearing impairment because of the visual aspects that are crucial in communication. This also applies to those with Autism. Communication can be written if not spoken. "

WAFF Cubes
"My autism spectrum 7 year old son has the WAFF notebook with the colored WAFF cubes. When he travels in the car he likes to write and draw landmarks and street signs he sees. He has an amazing memory and skill for drawing maps. The notebook travels easily in the car and the WAFF cubes as well. The bright colors and endless possibilities of attaching them to the notebook promotes his creativity and slows him down when he is sometimes really anxious about where we might be going or if we are taking a different route. While he feels he has to write/draw in the notebook to ease his anxieties he can't help but play with it too by creating a different color scheme with the cubes on the notebook "

Ultra Stomp RocketĀ®
"This toy didn't have to be altered for my son. He is 11. He can use his hand or his foot. His motor skills do not have to be great, but he loves watching others do it too. "

See & Spell
"Zane loves music so I began singing songs while working the puzzles. I make sure he touches the letters as we make the sound associated with the letter. He has a bit of trouble with fine motor skills...if the pieces were a bit larger to grasp it would be helpful. But on the other side of that coin he is encouraged to try even though it is difficult...which I like. What helps the most is the interest of the items. Zane loves cars, tractors, animals, and such...but I see the idea is to have items with short words so that its easier to begin literacy. "

Rivers, Roads & Rails
"The game engaged several children. They were required to interact and to problem solve. Our guy liked it so much, he asked for the game for at home."

"We bought this for our son who has autism. He has some balance issues and we thought that these would be a great way for him to increase his balance and strength. It took him a little to get used to it, but in the couple of weeks since he's had it, he's shown some improvements in overall balance. These are also great to help him use up some energy! We have hardwood floors and these do slip some (which is obviously to be expected). But I put some hot glue dots on the bottoms of each and no more slipping. I highly recommend these for any child, but especially if you have a child with balance or coordination challenges!"

"This is a great sensory fulfillment toy for my high functioning Autistic/Developmentally delayed son. It's great also for my seven year old with ADHD! "

Playable Art - Ball
"My wife works in a extended care facility . We purchase toys to assist the residents with manual dexterity and mental stimulation . On a scale of 1 to 10 , this toy is about a 7 for being popular with the residents ."

Our America
"This game is ideal for teaching history to my learning disabled grand-daughter. In a fun way she is reinforcing what she has learned at school. Thanks!"

Ultra Stomp RocketĀ®
"Excellent for eye-hand coordination and balance. "

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"My son likes to run his hands in the sand because of the texture. It seems to calm him and it's much easier to clean up than play sand. Also, he can ball it up if he wants and it won't stick to his hands. The stickiness is one of the reasons he won't use play doh but he will touch this."

The Original Spirograph Deluxe Set
"The product was perfect for my special needs child, I appreciate your part in my child's learning and happiness!"

Hop Top Trampoline
"In my son's Ot therapy, the trampoline was his favorite thing to do. Both the Ot and Sp therapists saw how much more he could focus and engage after a good jumping session. I wanted to see if the same thing could happen at home, and it did. We have really seen a huge improvement in his focus, concentration and interaction. His sleep has improved immensely as well. It has also seemed to help him when he is feeling frustrated, instead of a total meltdown he can work some of it off by jumping. As his parents, his grinning face and laughter are priceless. "

Play-Doh Single Can Assortment
"Child was able to create projects with the same quality as children in class with no special needs. The child had success and loved it. The child's quote to me in class was " You're a great teacher"! Of course it wasn't me - it was the child's success with the product."

Brain Food
"We use it to release stress and to keep busy. It soothes, becomes somewhat addictive, both my autistic and neuro typical children like it."

Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Machine
"We use it to help with communication. When the bubbles come out we ask him to say pop, pop, pop... And we will turn it off and ask him to say more bubbles or more bubbles please or to do the sign for more. "

Tangle Jr. Textured
"I purchased this for my son to use as a fidget at school. He enjoys it a lot and says it is a big help!"

Simple Tape Measure
"My 5 year old Grandson has border-line autism. So sensory and tactile toys need to soothe his sensitivity to noise, etc. He seems to love the importance of having his own, child sized, measuring tape and the independent interaction it brings to his solo play time. It gives him math exposure and teaches him how various sizes of objects fit into spaces. "

Magnet Levitation Kit
"I read the directions for the activity and then rewrote them with step by step directions with visual supports. I took out some of the less pertinent vocabulary and framed the experiment as goal-directed toward answering a question. For example, the magnet experiment was to determine what things are ferrous magnetic. I instead wrote two lists with blanks and had my kid walk around the house seeing what it would stick to (30 items total). Then we sat down and wrote next to each item what the item was mostly made of, and compared the lists to see what is magnetic and naturally arrived at "metal". My kid loved being investigative, having some independence, and having the sensory stimulation magnets naturally provide when you play with them."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"I use this product for tactile exploration with my special needs student that have sensory processing difficulties. I also use this as a motivator at the end of the therapy session. It is offered as a "free choice" option and most of my students gravitate to this product."

"I work with behavior students. While not every student engages with Kaleidograph, those that do, find that it can help to deescalate their behavior and help them focus. "

Balancing Monkeys
"I usually use this as a first then exercise to work on the fine motor 'pinching' grasp. It was not everyone's favorite game so a preferred followed to ensure completion. It works well if you sing the 8 little monkeys swinging on a tree song. This works on numbers and speech. Setting it up requires communication which is wonderful as well. The precision needed is moderate to high, depending on age. Used with age 2-7 with low gross and fine motor abilities. Great practice, quick set up and and take down. This game can also be finished in 5 minutes if it is behaviour you are working on. There is no end that needs to be achieved and therefore you can make your own goals (put up 2,3,4 or all of the monkeys). You can also add this to any preferred game by having children place one monkey in the tree before their turn or every 2 minutes of their preferred play. Many uses, creative and simple. Some kids even liked playing with the monkeys in a doll house, with cars, or in the bath (not recommended as they seem to absorb the soap.!) "

Sturdy Birdy
"This toy helps my daughter with mild autism/Aspergers as well as mild ADHD work on her gross motor skills. My daughter has difficulties with coordination of all four limbs at once and I think this is not unusual among kids on the autism spectrum. Because you strike and hold the pose you can work on getting it just like in the picture; it is not like a jumping jack which is all four limbs in motion - and too difficult sometimes, too much like work. We can gently urge her to better match Reggie the pigeon's pose without it seeming like nagging. She doesn't use it any differently than other kids although I would say I cut her some slack on exactly matching the pose. The rules allow you to match up to three poses on a turn; we allow adults to match two poses so as to level the playing field for the kids."

Roylco Animal X-Rays
"We used this product indoors and outdoors, using a light box and windows to show how light affects how we see xrays. For these students with special needs, It added a sensory element to our science focus on animals in class, allowing them to stay calm abd investigate their animal interests. For our students on the ausitm spectrum, who are very facinated by animals, they were enthralled by being able to see inside an animal and loved touching and using the xrays on the light box. "

"My son was diagnosed with PDD and is working on staying engaged with things longer. This toy kept his interest a little longer than some of his other blocks. We were able to build things he is interested in like, butterflies, flowers, snakes and several other animals/bugs. He is only 2 so I see this toy growing with him."

Brain Food
"My son is pretty defensive when it comes to touching things but his interest was peaked by this product. He actually would play with it and good to strengthen his hands!! "

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"In the class room the children will ask for this sand as their free use of time before the iPads. this is huge, they seem to truly the relaxing nature of this flowing sand "

Giant Fun Gripper Soccerball
"Great for individual play or can be used by a caregiver to give the child 'rides'. Very therapeutic and can be very soothing if the child lies across the top and the adult gently rocks the ball back and forth. This can also help to develop balance - especially if the adult slowly allows the child's body to react to the various positions of the ball. The colors and textures are great for anyone that needs that type of stimulation. It encourages engagement in gross motor activities. Just remember though, the ball is 36 inches. It requires a lot of space for storage and a larger yard would be recommended for best experience. "

Count Your Chickens
"I wrote up rules so that my students could see and work on the directions clearly. I made sure that they could match the pictures of the different animals (for the spinner) and made sure that they could identify the pictures. I held onto the baby chicks in two little baskets. I had many students who just wanted to move them and play so this helped contain them! Some students used visual wait cards to play and this worked well for helping them to take turns!"

"Overall, the product is great. My child psychotherapy clients love playing with Squigs. One difference I would suggest would be the opening and closing of the container that the Squigs are stored in. It could be a bit challenging for small children to open with their little fingers. The container itself is also a little challenging to repack with the Squigs after dumping them all out."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"Fun to play with cars, plastic cookie cutters, or anything else that can leave a mark in the sand when it's flat. It doesn't easily squish through tubes. But it builds very nicely into all kinds of shapes, and comes apart again for remaking."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Playing with this sand during talk therapy is a great way for children and adults with attentive disorders or anxiety to be able to keep their hands busy in a productive and soothing way. Autistic children have expressed that they like it because it doesn't stick to their hands like normal sand does."

3D Feel & Find
"Can be made more simple or complex according to how many pieces you place in the bag. Can place similar pieces in the bag for more specific tactile discrimination. Can be used as simple one piece puzzles for younger/lower level functioning individuals. Can be used as a group or individual activity."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"Just provide the person with a medium sized "tupperware-like" container and put the sand in it (and a lid). It makes it easy to just reach in, grab some and start playing with it. "

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"The kinetic movement of this sand was great for my students with a variety of disabilities."

Brio Magnetic Building Blocks
"Wonderful for working on cognitive concepts such as color sorting and block building. Also fantastic for working on different hand grasps. "

Green Running Tyrannosaurus Rex
"It encourages imaginative play. We are able to use the T. Rex to encourage language development and playing with peers."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"My autistic child is a teenager who will sit quietly and manipulate the sand through her hands with no interaction with others. Good tactile media product for self calming. She can squeeze it tight in her hands when frustrated, she seems to calm as the sand falls out of her fist. My child with chromosomal anomaly and schizophrenia plays with it in many ways, it is the best tactile media box we have had so far (definitely keeps her coming back). My child with sensory integration disorder loves to play with it, but after about 30 minutes, complains incessantly about it getting "sticky", she then quits playing with it. She does keep coming back though, because she discovered that she likes it cold. When it warms up, she is done. I will say, it never actually feels sticky to me, but I do notice that when she starts to complain, is when it starts to cling to skin more than itself. We just keep it in a cool place and put it away when it gets too warm."

Perplexus - Epic
"This gift is perfect for an Aspergers child! My brilliant 8 year old nephew was so excited to receive this he didn't want to open any more gifts. He has other Perplexus puzzles and will often use them before bed to wind down. They capture his focus and allow him to concentrate for a long time while having tons of fun. Fat Brain Toys will be my first stop when shopping for him in the future because of the awesome special needs lists. So wonderful!"

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"We loved that this boggie board was recommended for fine motor skills. Our son loves to practice his writing and we love that it strengthens his fine motor skills!! "

"I use it as a fidget in class. It is quiet and discreet while providing an appropriate form of stimulation for me to better focus. It is also a conversation point if I choose to use it as such because other people think it is cool and want to play with it as well."

Magic Moves Electronic Wand
"She was able to use the toy as intended. The buttons are raised so she can easily locate and use them on her own. "

Nanoblock Sites to See
"The famous landmarks as themes to the nano blocks was a great way to engage my 13 yr old daughter in a conversation. It was a toy that she could build alone and then engage others in conversation about its unique size, the challenge of putting something so small together, and the landmark itself. It was a great way to work on social and language skills and yet let her own talents and personality shine."

Rush Hour
"My granddaughter was able to use some of the easier routes and designs to reach a successful conclusion of the game. Some of them don't take too long so she was able to maintain attention with little frustration. She really enjoyed the game."

MACK Cement Mixer
"My son is Autistic and anything with wheels he loves. We have many big trucks and we like to line them up. "

NameTrain Letter Cars
"My son loves magnet things. we are not using these for the train thing so much. We are just putting the letters together to make his name. "

Fun Water Game
"I have 6 grandchildren. Two little boys are autistic. The ages are 4-8. The typically developing kids enjoyed it as well."

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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