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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome toys games

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome toys games
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with fetal alcohol syndrome in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

Our America
"This game is ideal for teaching history to my learning disabled grand-daughter. In a fun way she is reinforcing what she has learned at school. Thanks!"

Brio Magnetic Building Blocks
"Wonderful for working on cognitive concepts such as color sorting and block building. Also fantastic for working on different hand grasps. "

Sensory Balls - Set of 4
"At this time, they are not utilized in any type of organized manner. The balls have been thoroughly enjoyed as free play items. They have been used to play monkey in the middle, rolled back and forth to one another, juggled, and just sitting with them - enjoying the feel of the ball! "

Dado Squares
"Great for fine tuning hand and eye coordination for all ages. Kids can start to build, leave, and come back to it. Works well for Fine motor skills."

36 piece Barkless Tree Block Set in a Bag
"It was used by all children we serve. I did not observe any special accommodations needed for children to play with the blocks."

Classic Etch a Sketch
"Mom and child were thrilled with!"

"It is small enough that the students can handle the ant farm, and sturdy enough that we never had to worry about the lid. We chart the numbers of tunnels, the lengths, journal, learn about the jobs and how the ants work together (compare to classroom, and community jobs and the need to work together). We wrote creatively (some did storytelling that could not write and video taped it) about what is happening, what the ants are thinking watching us, what would their day be like, compared their ways of communicating without words to our ways of communicating without words. We always kept magnifying glasses handy for the kids to look and explore. Every day students from the mainstream popped in to see the changes as well. It doesn't matter what age or ability- there is so much to be learned and enjoyed from these ants. To adapt for mild/moderate visual impairments, I would put it under a document camera for the Smartboard so it can be blown up and seen in actual time."

Low Loader
"Very easy to use!"

Sturdy Birdy
"This game is very adaptable for children with shorter attention spans and motor skill involved can be adapted for what the child is able. It is really a fun game to play together and be silly."

Stomp RocketĀ® Junior
"The preschool I used for was a combination of regular ed/special ed. All the kids were able to use this toy! It was a great tool regarding coordination and self expression."

Straws and Connectors - 400 pc
"I am going to use the straw and connectors for my classroom which has children with special needs. Currently my own children are having too much fun. I wish they could have a similar, bigger set so the pieces wouldn't be a choking hazard. "

Stomp RocketĀ® Junior
"This toy is being used almost daily in a speech therapist's office. A team approach is used, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy being done at the same time. The Stomp Rocket is of good value as a reward for a child having completed a difficult, less exciting task. It must be used with adult supervision. It's okay indoors if the ceiling is high enough, though better outdoors."

Home Workbooks
"Between each number is about 3/4 of an inch to practice drawing the line. The pictures are large enough for her to figure out what it is supposed to be before she makes it. "

Spot It
"I actually enlarge the cards for my patients with visual impairments. I will also enlarge a card -cut it up into individual figures and present one figure to have the individual localize it on its card. Or I can show an individual picture (single item) and have the individual find it out of a figure ground demand of two cards next to each other... or two cards separated by 2 inches/3 inches/4 inches and the individual has to visually scan without moving their head....Or I can hold one card at a foot/2 feet/3 feet etc. away from the other card that is on the table and have a near-far demand which is what will be required for board to desk work in the future. I also will move a card in a horizontal/ verticle/ or rotational direction so that the individual will have to visually track the target as they transition from distance to near and back visual discriminations. Also I can show one item have the individual visualize it and take it away so now they have to use visual memory to localize on the card. There are many more ways to utilize these toys...it is the need of the individual and their level of availability that allows me to use my creative spirit and knowledge base to develop their visual perception, egocentric and sociocentric localization and utilization of toys as tools to learn. It allows us all to "not be captured by the disability but instead be available for the possibilty" of meaningful learning for our children and adults with special needs."

Sensory Balls - Set of 4
"I specifically choose the Sensory Balls for their neurodevelopmental applications in individualized HANDLE programs. "

Snap Circuits 300-in-1
"For my son, Snap Circuits was a real self-esteem booster. He always feels different and unable to keep up with things that interest other children his age (10 years). He felt like this was something even older children like and he could still be successful. Learning to sequence and follow directions are difficult and usually not enjoyable for him. The building steps were in picture form, so his reading delays/disabilities didn't get in the way. They were also a minimum of steps so he didn't lose his way. Cause and affect are also taught with Snap Circuits. If he doesn't get the circuit together the right way, it doesn't work. Yet correcting the mistake is simple and doesn't require him to start all over (that would be so frustrating). One other thing Snap Circuits helps with is spatial planning. Everything is built on a coordinate grid that matches the directions. It is so neat to see him working on these areas of weakness, without getting frustrated."

Flip to Win Hangman
"The Flip to Win game is sturdy and open ended for special needs kids."

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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