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Hearing Impairment toys games

Hearing Impairment toys games
Hearing Impairment

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with hearing impairment in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"This is very useful for individuals with hearing impairment because of the visual aspects that are crucial in communication. This also applies to those with Autism. Communication can be written if not spoken. "

3D Feel & Find
"Can be made more simple or complex according to how many pieces you place in the bag. Can place similar pieces in the bag for more specific tactile discrimination. Can be used as simple one piece puzzles for younger/lower level functioning individuals. Can be used as a group or individual activity."

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"We use this as an alternative to paper lists, calendars or dry-erase boards. The simple lines and no clutter center is easier to read from and there are no messy markers to police. You can slide the stylus holder over the erase button so sneaky little kids don't erase your lists too soon. My grandchildren are very different; one is very hearing impaired but with good speech and the other is gifted/talented. Both are extremely ADHD. The boogie boards have been equally successful."

Skwish Stix
"It is lightweight which makes it easy to use. The toy also pops back which allows my son to play with the toy himself creating a sense of independence for him."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great sensory product to encourage tactile exploration and also aids in calming."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"I use this product with many special needs students. It is a great sensory item. It can be used by children at all ability levels."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"This child is very bright despite her physical limitations. The Kinetic Sand is a toy that can help develop better muscle tone and problem solving skills. She is eager to make friends and the larger box of sand will allow others to join in the fun."

Knights & Dragon Toob
"Good for use in a sand box or a sand tray."

The Game of Life Classic Edition
"Everything is on the game board and its game pieces and contents have clear instructions that can be read. "

Make A Face Magnet Set
"The child is able to make choices using a switch. You can present several choices of noses, eyes, etc and the child can identify which he would like. You can talk about body parts and label parts of the face. You can have the child identify and point to parts as you name them. Once faces are created, the caregiver can create stories between the faces. This adds a puppet like quality to the toy. The child has a magnetic easel that will be used to lay the pieces on so they are within his vision line. "

Light Show Stick
"We use the light stick product as a visual reward when we are testing for awareness of sound. We also use the product to motivate our son while he is doing tummy time exercises to encourage him to lift his head and turn from side to side. It is a great little gadget that is quite mesmerizing."

Bug Jug Fill & Spill
"Good for motor development and hand-eye coordination."

Peanut Ball - 22 inch
"The child likes sitting on the floor and rolling on top of it."

C Major Diatonic Scale Set
"We will be using this as a rhythm and music activity with adults with disabilities. I plan to use flash cards with colored dots to indicate when each tube is played. I saw this method used with a bell choir and it worked well. The leader holds up cards, one after the other, and when the musicians play their instrument according to the colors shown, they end up creating a beautiful piece of music. I'm excited about using this instrument as part of our program."

Checker Rug
"We set the playing rug on a big table with comfy chairs. This way grandpa can play. He is hard of hearing and hard of seeing, so this game gives him a chance to play with the kids, and beat his wife at something. Grandpa can also use giant print playing cards so he can beat us at poker, too. "

"It has helped my son work on his balance issues without him realizing what he is doing. As well, as helping him with basic knowlegde. He really enjoys playing with his go-go pogo and is learning while having fun."

"It is small enough that the students can handle the ant farm, and sturdy enough that we never had to worry about the lid. We chart the numbers of tunnels, the lengths, journal, learn about the jobs and how the ants work together (compare to classroom, and community jobs and the need to work together). We wrote creatively (some did storytelling that could not write and video taped it) about what is happening, what the ants are thinking watching us, what would their day be like, compared their ways of communicating without words to our ways of communicating without words. We always kept magnifying glasses handy for the kids to look and explore. Every day students from the mainstream popped in to see the changes as well. It doesn't matter what age or ability- there is so much to be learned and enjoyed from these ants. To adapt for mild/moderate visual impairments, I would put it under a document camera for the Smartboard so it can be blown up and seen in actual time."

Rocket Balloon Refill
"[Assists with] sound imitation. Optical focus. Breathing exercise for older kids. "

Classic Etch a Sketch
"My husband has dementia and a heart condition which makes him very hard to deal with. He has issues sitting still and gets frustrated very easily. This toy does not require a lot of set-up as he tends to want to finish any craft or drawing he does very fast. It forces him to use the knobs to direct what he wants to draw."

8 ct. Washable Dry-Erase Crayons
"We are a school district servicing a wide range of children including children with special needs. These crayons are great because they are a little more fat than other crayons and wiping them off takes a little bit of effort. "

"It is dificult for my son to maintain interest in anything for more than two minutes, so I was amazed that he liked it and wanted to do it again."

"This item was purchased for my special needs 6 year old daughter to work on stacking and sorting. She has visual impairments - so bright colors are great. She has low tone - so larger object for grasp is better than small objects. Large size bowl to stack each Tobble in allows her to be successful without having to be precise and so it provides motivation to keep going and makes my job as a parent trying to aid her with the toys that she plays with easier. "

Make A Face Magnet Set
"This particular product is very intuitive. Again, our use is different from the intended use because we are using it to teach genetics concepts but we see lots of children with special needs and not. All kids find this product very engaging and user friendly. Because it is hands on, it actually helps us to get the concepts over effectively with the magnet faces."

Magnetic Wooden Animals
"Our son is two and one of the most beneficial activies we have found with the magnets is to ask him to select a specific one. He is non-verbal so we have designed it to not require a verbal response. We start by holding up two of the animals and ask a question such as: which is the cow? When he's right, he gets to put that magnet on the board. As he has gotten better at the identification we have increased the challenge by asking more abstract questions: which one lives in the jungle, which one is black and white, etc. He loves the game and is learning so much about animals, their characteristics and habitats. Additionally, the act of removing magnets, feeling the pull, and sliding the magnets on the board, gauging the resistance on his finger tips, has been very meaningful as part of his sensory diet. "

Home Workbooks
"Between each number is about 3/4 of an inch to practice drawing the line. The pictures are large enough for her to figure out what it is supposed to be before she makes it. "

"This is a great toy for encouraging speech and language. There are so many attributes to discuss (size, shape, and color of the different pieces) as well as talking about what the children do with the materials. "

Monster Bowling
"Our eight year old son has moderate to severe mental retardation and also has some physical handicaps. He loves the cute and colorful monsters. We set up the monsters in the bowling pin formation and he knocks them down using his arms. However, the best part of having the monsters is tucking them in with him at bedtime."

Find It - Original Edition
"We have used the Find It toys for many children with special needs. It was very helpful for an older patient with Downs Syndrome. The patient was nervous about being in the hospital. She and her mother were intrigued by the Find It. The activity helped make the hospital stay easier for this family."

"Some of the animals may be difficult to distinguish from each other by some children. I plan to add raised dots of glue (braille-like) to each species-type to assist with this."

"This is an interactive toy that utilizes the experience of cause and effect and the laws of balance in nature. There is not a requirement to hear lengthy instructions. This game provides the child great exposure to new experiences and language. We talk about the fulcrum or balance point in the game as well as out- of-balance, right, left, equal weight or equal number, too much or many, not enough, level, slanted, incline, etc."

Yo Baby Kick Flipper
"Any child or adult would benefit from this toy in the areas of gross motor development, balance and dexterity. Confidence would be built as development in any of these areas progressed. Different disabilities would require different levels of assistance but the simplicity of design makes it useful for anyone. The development of a person's physical balance, body awareness and strength has a positive effect on their mental development. In the case on my grandson who is hearing impared and speech delayed, hearing and using the specific language on how to use this toy will expand his language experience. Also, the fun of telling others about what he can do on the board will be a good incentive to express himself."

Tangle Therapy
"Tangle Therapy can be utilized to improve self stimulation behaviors (such as rocking back and forth, hand flapping, tongue thrusts, etc). This toy can be taken along in the car, affixed to a wheelchair tray or stroller tray or taken to places where you'd like to keep the child/adult quiet. "

Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks 40 Pcs
"I work with many disabled babies. There probably isn't anything better than large sturdy blocks for every developmental possibility out there."

16-inch diameter EarthBall
"Our kids were able to compare countries around the world."

Dado Squares
"Actually, I wish I'd found this when my youngest was little. For now it is a great item for my grandson because he has engineer qualities. As a mom of a child with special needs I can guarantee that any OT would love to get their hands on this item. OT doesn't just cover fine motor but problem solving, sensory integration and focus. This toy covers all those areas."

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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