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Mental Retardation toys games

Mental Retardation toys games
Mental Retardation

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children & adults with mental retardation in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

Multi-Solution Shape Puzzle - Bug
"The design of puzzle pieces with handles/knobs and a depth greater than the base facilitates easier use by physically challenged individuals. Bright colors are a plus. Sturdy wood pieces stand up to use by people with ataxia and poor motor control. The important factors are design and durability. "

Spooner Board - Freestyle 24"
"It's great for kids how it is!"

Hot Dots Jr. Kat the Talking Teaching Kitty
"Our speech delayed child is repeating the sayings the cat says along with some of the names of the pictures on the cards. Our MR child uses the kitty to find the correct answer and from the answer figures out what question was being asked. Knowing then what is being asked she can figure out how to read the sentence. Our Aspergers child loves the vibration. She will hit the correct answer 3 times till it vibrates. She doesn't like the light up eyes so she just turns it round so she can't see them. Our developmentally delayed child who tries to skip through everything and avoid reading has to slow down and sound out the words to the question. Since the kitty makes it fun their is no more fighting over reading. It is also helping him understand what he is reading. "

C Major Diatonic Scale Set
"We will be using this as a rhythm and music activity with adults with disabilities. I plan to use flash cards with colored dots to indicate when each tube is played. I saw this method used with a bell choir and it worked well. The leader holds up cards, one after the other, and when the musicians play their instrument according to the colors shown, they end up creating a beautiful piece of music. I'm excited about using this instrument as part of our program."

Brain Food
"Great product for strenghtening hands for fine motor activities. Texture is great for sensory issues - very dry to touch - not wet feeling like other putty products. Can mold it or just pull apart and will eventually ooze back into original form. Very highly recommend for fine motor skills. My son has autism and will play with this product. Great mindless fine motor activity. Adults love to play with this as well!!"

B. Piccolo Carousel Bells
"Although my son has limited motor skills, he will grasp the mallet for a little while and loves to hear the bells ring as someone spins the carousel. "

Ring Toss
"You can use just one ring. Place it closer to child. Have child drop it on - not throw it - such as child is higher than it."

Big Box of Sorting & Classifying
"I will use for students in individualized speech therapy sessions- I will have them sorting pictures into categories, then naming more pictures that fit into those categories, looking at pics and naming categories,and looking at pictures and talking about similarities and differences. Also, since this has so many pictures I will use it in group activities."

Ivan's Hinge
"Just wish it were bigger and more flexible along with bigger cards."

C Major Diatonic Scale Set
"Use them during music and movement in a special needs preschool class. 12 students and 3 adults, we ALL love them!"

Let's Pretend Play Money Coins & Bills
"We use this money to teach money handling skills."

"It is small enough that the students can handle the ant farm, and sturdy enough that we never had to worry about the lid. We chart the numbers of tunnels, the lengths, journal, learn about the jobs and how the ants work together (compare to classroom, and community jobs and the need to work together). We wrote creatively (some did storytelling that could not write and video taped it) about what is happening, what the ants are thinking watching us, what would their day be like, compared their ways of communicating without words to our ways of communicating without words. We always kept magnifying glasses handy for the kids to look and explore. Every day students from the mainstream popped in to see the changes as well. It doesn't matter what age or ability- there is so much to be learned and enjoyed from these ants. To adapt for mild/moderate visual impairments, I would put it under a document camera for the Smartboard so it can be blown up and seen in actual time."

Water Drums
"This is toy is great because it's a drum and comes with the sticks to use. It is a fun bath toy. It is very easy to use."

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark
"My son has a hard time reading and also does not tell time well. This enables him to read and keep time without having to ask how long have I read! He is 10 excited yrs old and his special needs make reading a chore and a bore but he has really liked using the timer and had spent more time reading since receiving this item!"

Peanut Ball - 22 inch
"The shape and size makes it easier for our boy to use instead of a round ball, it makes exercise easier."

I Spy Preschool Game
"The production of materials and games are quite simple to do, yet do not look childish. "

Cage Bell
"This was great for cause and effect. I am also a speech therapist and a side benefit is that our special boy babbled and 'talked' more while using this than at any other time in his two years."

8 ct. Washable Dry-Erase Crayons
"We are a school district servicing a wide range of children including children with special needs. These crayons are great because they are a little more fat than other crayons and wiping them off takes a little bit of effort. "

"It is dificult for my son to maintain interest in anything for more than two minutes, so I was amazed that he liked it and wanted to do it again."

"This toy can encourage interaction because peers can spin other peers. It offers easy ways to imitate peers, putting it on head, pretending to be a turtle, standing on . If a child on the autism spectrum likes to spin perhaps this is a nice toy to engage in that behavior appropriately because that's what bilibo is designed for!"

Mozart Magic Cube
"In my nieces case, the larger the keys/buttons the better for her."

"This item was purchased for my special needs 6 year old daughter to work on stacking and sorting. She has visual impairments - so bright colors are great. She has low tone - so larger object for grasp is better than small objects. Large size bowl to stack each Tobble in allows her to be successful without having to be precise and so it provides motivation to keep going and makes my job as a parent trying to aid her with the toys that she plays with easier. "

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"I got this toy so that my brother could draw and not make a mess. He is able to do that with this, but he really didn't connect with this toy the way he has with other toys such as the Latches Board. I think the toys for autistic children need to be simple, brightly colored, but have some specific goal that can be attained. Opening and shutting, fitting pieces within one another, etc."

Fireworks Light Show
"Very easy to operate with a large handle that only requires a gentle squeeze to trigger firework noises and light. The dial is large and easy to turn. My sister loved it. She is scared of the dark, but was willing to dim the light so she could see the fireworks go off. "

Solar System Floor Puzzle
"The large and sturdy pieces make it easier for my son to match the puzzle. After helping him put it together a couple of times he was able to work on it somewhat independently. "

Squishy Human Body
"Would like larger models as a second option (i.e. heart, brain, skin, etc) so that pieces are easier to fit together for those who have difficulty controling their fine motor skills. "

Citiblocs Cool Colors - 100 pc
"The Special education students from K-8 make designs with the blocks. The booklet shows various designs and the children do quite well with the designs. They also improvise and make their own designs. They are able to relax and feel a sense of accomplishment."

Mobile Photo Clip
"Would be great if you can find a way to keep it from collapsing together once it has been hung. Perfect for the Wee Gallery contrast and design cards. Used for visual stimulation."

Skwish Classic
"Cause and effect-manipulated and beads slide and produce interesting sound. Color draws attention. Design provides for easy handling."

Rory's Story Cubes
"The cubes need to be larger for the special needs population. An aide is needed to record the student's responses. Posting their story on a large piece of poster paper allowed the students to see their story. I modeled the activity before I asked the students participate to assist in their understanding of the activity. Each student picked a cube and then verbalized their sentence. Coaching may be required for some students."

Tangle Therapy
"This individual does not like to be touched but seeks out items that are visually and tactile inviting to him. He has to have something in his hands at all time. By giving this to him, he is less likely to play with the seatbelt on his wheelchair. He has broken his nose several times by rocking in the wheelchair and unlocking his seatbelt. We are therefore encouraging him to use his hands in a more beneficial way."

Shape It! Sand 5 lb.
"Great for measuring and creating I spy in sand. We used it in the water table."

Spot It
"I actually enlarge the cards for my patients with visual impairments. I will also enlarge a card -cut it up into individual figures and present one figure to have the individual localize it on its card. Or I can show an individual picture (single item) and have the individual find it out of a figure ground demand of two cards next to each other... or two cards separated by 2 inches/3 inches/4 inches and the individual has to visually scan without moving their head....Or I can hold one card at a foot/2 feet/3 feet etc. away from the other card that is on the table and have a near-far demand which is what will be required for board to desk work in the future. I also will move a card in a horizontal/ verticle/ or rotational direction so that the individual will have to visually track the target as they transition from distance to near and back visual discriminations. Also I can show one item have the individual visualize it and take it away so now they have to use visual memory to localize on the card. There are many more ways to utilize these toys...it is the need of the individual and their level of availability that allows me to use my creative spirit and knowledge base to develop their visual perception, egocentric and sociocentric localization and utilization of toys as tools to learn. It allows us all to "not be captured by the disability but instead be available for the possibilty" of meaningful learning for our children and adults with special needs."

Lace & Trace Shapes
"We will also attempt to use this product with our pre-school children on the bus. If its interesting for the students, keeps them occupied for the hour they are on the bus, then I am all for it."

Monster Bowling
"Our eight year old son has moderate to severe mental retardation and also has some physical handicaps. He loves the cute and colorful monsters. We set up the monsters in the bowling pin formation and he knocks them down using his arms. However, the best part of having the monsters is tucking them in with him at bedtime."

Find It Glitz & Glamour
"This was a little too advanced for my child. Overall, I do think it is great for children & adults with Special Needs. Its simple design & concept make it easy to explain & play with. The multiple objects make it a challenge for anyone to find all the objects. It also has very nice colors for those who just like to look at things. "

Musical Hand Bells
"These work great. My daughter can play with them and then her sisters can play her a song. The bright colors draw her attention to them. The bells' handles are made so that she can easily grasp them."

The Original Pocket Farkel
"Used for small groups of Special Education students for social skills/math related from upper elementary through HS."

Joey Magnetic Dress-Up
"This can be used by children that have enough dexterity in hand movement to move pieces around independently. It could also be used in a two way exchange with one person moving the pieces and another using an augmentative communication device to choose outfits or pieces."

"My children like the feel of the Pound-A-Peg."

Sort & Snap Color Match
"You can adapt the caps with small pictures or a textured surface on them to add a sensory component. Can be for speech to help children answer who, what and why questions. The sort and match also implores imagination. Children can copy cards to have a coloring activity - transferring the experience from a three-dimensional to one-dimensional activity."

The Ungame
"Used on the Adult Mental Health unit for a wide variety of diagnoses."

Wikki Stix Rainbow Pak
"Almost too many attributes to list."

Brain Food
"Fidget, provides relaxation for ADD. Inspires curiosity for cognitive disability. Calming for sensory integration. "

Wheely Bug
"My son just turned 7 but functions at about an 8 month old level. Until 3 weeks ago he very rarely moved his legs. His physical therapist put him on a scooter board and taught him how to use his legs to move it. He actually DID! My son has multiple things working against him so it has always been difficult to figure out what would be a good birthday/Christmas gift. When I found this I knew it was PERFECT! I talked to his P.T. and asked if she felt he would be able to use it and she loved it too! He's been resistant to use his legs on it because it takes more balance than he currently has but his P.T. has assured me this will be great for him once he gains more confidence. The fact that my son is legally blind causes him to be more nervous in new situations but I have no doubt that once he's use to using this he'll love it because he loves the scooter board already. I take the cow to his therapies twice a week for them to use with him as well as using it at home. I cannot wait for him to get his first taste of freedom to move around on his own!"

Rody Horse
"This toy has been really helpful with our son's balance as well as his desire to weight bear. He rides the Rody and pushes against the ground with his feet. He's gaining the strength needed to stand and walk. It's also very helpful with his perception of where he is in space. It provides the vestibular stimulation of movement that he enjoys so much. We love it!"

Farm Sound
"The Farm Sounds Puzzle offers a chance to teach cause and effect. If you place the puzzle piece correctly, it will make a sound. It also can be used to teach the various animals and their sounds. It can be used with varying levels of disability. The pieces are easy to hold and manipulate. It is very durable- if thrown, pieces will not break."

MightyMind Regular Edition
"The progression of easy to difficult picture solutions makes this a versatile tool for all children."

Best Friends Forever! Magnetic Dress-Up
"Easy to use as an exercise for fine motor skill improvement."

Animal Stamp Set
"The stamp set provides guidance and focus to drawing activities. The stamp per se provides a subject outline that can be colored in. Additional stamps and free-hand surroundings can also be added to create more complex scenes. Sparks interaction and imagination."

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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