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Speech & Language Delay toys games

Speech & Language Delay toys games
Speech & Language Delay

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with speech & language delay in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

Mini Cage Bell
"Veronica is 25 and operates on a nine-month-old level. She loves loud, pleasant noises, so this bell is perfect with its loud jingle. It is easy to grasp (she has the palmar grasp, no pincer grasp abilities). It withstands chewing; she does lots of that! I am very pleased with its sturdy construction."

"My son has right side hemipalagia due to a stroke at birth. This is a great toy to build strength in the hand and arm because they have to engage both hands when playing with this toy. Also, naming the different colors for speech and promotes imaginary play."

See & Spell
"Zane loves music so I began singing songs while working the puzzles. I make sure he touches the letters as we make the sound associated with the letter. He has a bit of trouble with fine motor skills...if the pieces were a bit larger to grasp it would be helpful. But on the other side of that coin he is encouraged to try even though it is difficult...which I like. What helps the most is the interest of the items. Zane loves cars, tractors, animals, and such...but I see the idea is to have items with short words so that its easier to begin literacy. "

Magnet Levitation Kit
"I read the directions for the activity and then rewrote them with step by step directions with visual supports. I took out some of the less pertinent vocabulary and framed the experiment as goal-directed toward answering a question. For example, the magnet experiment was to determine what things are ferrous magnetic. I instead wrote two lists with blanks and had my kid walk around the house seeing what it would stick to (30 items total). Then we sat down and wrote next to each item what the item was mostly made of, and compared the lists to see what is magnetic and naturally arrived at "metal". My kid loved being investigative, having some independence, and having the sensory stimulation magnets naturally provide when you play with them."

Alex Jr. Tots Sticker Pictures
"Great for conversation starter, vocabulary practice and enrichment, orientation to place, following directions, open-ended discussions regarding the 'things' you see and do in the different scenes (e.g. Garden, town, etc). Also good for hand and finger dexterity (taking stickers off page) and eye-hand coordination (placing stickers where you want them). A really fun and engaging project for kids. I also appreciate the quality of the stickers and boards as I have had some sticker pages that are flimsy and the stickers don't stick!"

Balancing Monkeys
"I usually use this as a first then exercise to work on the fine motor 'pinching' grasp. It was not everyone's favorite game so a preferred followed to ensure completion. It works well if you sing the 8 little monkeys swinging on a tree song. This works on numbers and speech. Setting it up requires communication which is wonderful as well. The precision needed is moderate to high, depending on age. Used with age 2-7 with low gross and fine motor abilities. Great practice, quick set up and and take down. This game can also be finished in 5 minutes if it is behaviour you are working on. There is no end that needs to be achieved and therefore you can make your own goals (put up 2,3,4 or all of the monkeys). You can also add this to any preferred game by having children place one monkey in the tree before their turn or every 2 minutes of their preferred play. Many uses, creative and simple. Some kids even liked playing with the monkeys in a doll house, with cars, or in the bath (not recommended as they seem to absorb the soap.!) "

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"In the class room the children will ask for this sand as their free use of time before the iPads. this is huge, they seem to truly the relaxing nature of this flowing sand "

3D Feel & Find
"Can be made more simple or complex according to how many pieces you place in the bag. Can place similar pieces in the bag for more specific tactile discrimination. Can be used as simple one piece puzzles for younger/lower level functioning individuals. Can be used as a group or individual activity."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"The kinetic movement of this sand was great for my students with a variety of disabilities."

Sensory Balls - Set of 4
"At this time, they are not utilized in any type of organized manner. The balls have been thoroughly enjoyed as free play items. They have been used to play monkey in the middle, rolled back and forth to one another, juggled, and just sitting with them - enjoying the feel of the ball! "

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"We loved that this boggie board was recommended for fine motor skills. Our son loves to practice his writing and we love that it strengthens his fine motor skills!! "

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets
"We use this as an alternative to paper lists, calendars or dry-erase boards. The simple lines and no clutter center is easier to read from and there are no messy markers to police. You can slide the stylus holder over the erase button so sneaky little kids don't erase your lists too soon. My grandchildren are very different; one is very hearing impaired but with good speech and the other is gifted/talented. Both are extremely ADHD. The boogie boards have been equally successful."

Nanoblock Sites to See
"The famous landmarks as themes to the nano blocks was a great way to engage my 13 yr old daughter in a conversation. It was a toy that she could build alone and then engage others in conversation about its unique size, the challenge of putting something so small together, and the landmark itself. It was a great way to work on social and language skills and yet let her own talents and personality shine."

Y'all Ball Christmas Bank 'n Ball
"My twins both have special needs. Anything that encourages them to use their speech and requires them to interact with each other or others is a bonus! Plus, one daughter had a stroke and as a result has Cerebral Palsy. She functions pretty highly, but does have deficits. The ball helps with her gross motor skills and also with her fine motor skills with her weak right side. She has to be able to catch and throw it with her right side which is a real challenge for her. Also, she lacks fine motor skills really in both hands. Using the bank, I have her put coins in using one hand and then using the other. This helps with coordination and those fine motor skills she needs for writing. Actual therapy items are very expensive but items Fat Brain sells like this toy and so many other items are fun, affordable, educational, and provide therapies for my child, (and she does not even realize what I am doing!) "

Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop
"Our son has low muscle tone associated with a rare genetic disorder Prader-Willi Syndrome and this toy helps greatly with his eye hand coordination and occupational therapy needs."

Skwish Stix
"It is lightweight which makes it easy to use. The toy also pops back which allows my son to play with the toy himself creating a sense of independence for him."

Mozart Magic Cube
"I use it to encourage my child to use both hands and press the different instruments."

Sturdy Birdy
"A lot of the poses require balancing on one foot, which my daughter can't do. For her, if she can do the pose with both feet on the ground and puts her arms and balances the bean bag where it's supposed to be, she passes. I am hoping that as she gets older, we can add the balancing on one foot part. Throwing the dice helps her cross the midline, setting up the boards on the stands helps with small motor skills, and playing the game helps with her attention span. It's active and fun and turns off the TV. I strongly recommend this game for kids with sensory integration disorders and balance/proprioception challenges."

Alphabet Go Fish! Card Game
"We used it for letter recognition and the pictures for their word value. Keeping the pictures simple allows for less distraction as well."

Ultra Stomp RocketĀ®
"This was easy for the child to use. He understood how to use it right away. Entertained him for a long time."

Kinetic Sand - 2.2 lb
"Great sensory product to encourage tactile exploration and also aids in calming."

Kinetic Sand - 11 lb
"I use this product with many special needs students. It is a great sensory item. It can be used by children at all ability levels."

"Uses can include: sorting by color, eliciting a verbal response to the color chosen, or asked to be chosen, creating patterns. Also, very helpful for strengthening of fine motor skills, following directions for placement of the component part. "

"Simple but fantastic! Used with children in Early Childhood Special Education program. Great for promoting hand strength, working on early language and speech sounds, maintaining attention and more. Love this toy!"

Magnetic Poetry Kids' Kit
"I have many students with varying disabilities; some more severe than others. Word magnets (this kit and others) have sparked an interest in some of my more unmotivated students. I would have liked these kits even more if options of punctuation were included. (periods, commas, question marks, quotation marks, exclamation points) Hopefully, another kit will come out that includes these items. "

Bilibo Mini - 6 Color Combo Pack
"The Bilibo products encourage our daughter to strengthen fine and gross motor skills. The mini is lightweight enough for her to hold sitting in a chair or on a mat. Caution! They are dangerous when airborne though. It is also sanitary since it is so easy to clean which is especially great if there is frequent emesis. Overall, this toy is a favorite. "

Dado Squares
"Great for fine tuning hand and eye coordination for all ages. Kids can start to build, leave, and come back to it. Works well for Fine motor skills."

Monkey Math
"Have to use this by SHOWING her and leading by example and walking her through it verbally & visually to give her sense of accomplishment & success in order to get her to continue it on her own, despite getting incorrect answers on the way. Seems good for her, since she has a very low frustration tolerance."

Basic Building Blocks - Extra Large Starter Set
"The item purchased is great for children and adults of all abilities. 1. Sounds the blocks make when they clank together-auditory 2. Different shapes to touch-tactile 3. Non toxic and large enough if placed in mouth-oral 4. Making architectural designs-visual and spatial 5. Storytelling-language 6. Pretend play-imagination 7. Balancing of blocks-fine motor"

See & Spell
"We really focus on the letters, their sounds, other words that make those sounds. My son mixes up B's and D's this toy is really helping him identify the difference between those two letters. This toy is helping him learn both visually and hands-on."

Sea-Monkeys Original Instant Life
"Depending on disability, children may need some adult supervision."

Stack & Sort Board
"I think this item is good, the matching colors and shapes to make it easier for them to match."

16 inch Scooter with Handles
"Our occupational therapists uses the scooter board with my daughter lying on her belly on the board and using her hands to pull herself along a distance, picking up foam alphabet puzzle pieces on the way and putting them on the foam board puzzle she lies on her back while propelling along. Great for muscle strengthening her upper body & core and even more so for implementing her motor planning & following directions. LOVE IT!"

Really Big Words for Kids
"My child is a visual learner. It was easier to see and feel the words."

36 piece Barkless Tree Block Set in a Bag
"It was used by all children we serve. I did not observe any special accommodations needed for children to play with the blocks."

Language Cards - Nouns (Around the House)
"My son has autism and speech delay. These cards are a bit bigger and brighter than other types of cards I have bought for my son so I think that is why they catch his attention. They also encourage my son to use his words. I really love these cards and so does he!"

Shape, Model and Mold Play Set
"This is a great item to use for children who undergo occupational therapy. it teaches them how to hold certain tools the correct way, what the tool does and there aren't too many pieces that can cause a child to become overwhelmed. the blocks are a great size for small hands who are learning to grasp with three or more fingers."

"My daughter is a sensory seeking child and loves vestibular input. This toy gives her the spinning she likes, and frees me up from spinning her around and making myself dizzy!"

Roylco Straws and Connectors Jumbo Set - 705 pc
"Teaching cooperative social skills with kids who don't get it is really hard. These flexible straws are terrific for having the students take turns adding pieces to make a class project."

Hot Dots Jr. Kat the Talking Teaching Kitty
"Our speech delayed child is repeating the sayings the cat says along with some of the names of the pictures on the cards. Our MR child uses the kitty to find the correct answer and from the answer figures out what question was being asked. Knowing then what is being asked she can figure out how to read the sentence. Our Aspergers child loves the vibration. She will hit the correct answer 3 times till it vibrates. She doesn't like the light up eyes so she just turns it round so she can't see them. Our developmentally delayed child who tries to skip through everything and avoid reading has to slow down and sound out the words to the question. Since the kitty makes it fun their is no more fighting over reading. It is also helping him understand what he is reading. "

Super Snow - 100 gram jar
"I assisted my son with creating the snow. I put 1/4 teaspoon in a bowl with 4 oz of water and let him stir until it created the snow. He loved stirring it. The fact that he did it by stirring made him smile. I put it in my hand and asked him to give me high five so when he felt it he felt the texture of it and thought it strange. But because it won't stick so much to you it was useful for us in that he didn't freak out. He really enjoyed it. Definitely requires the supervision of an adult."

Shape It! Sand 5 lb.
"I saw a bin of moon sand used at my autistic son's school used as a behavior reinforcer....the student did her work and then was allowed to run her hands through the sand as a reward. I've found that in my sensory storytime at the library, it depends on the child's sensory issues. For some, the sand may be too smooth. For others it's just right. It holds together well for scooping and building things but a lot of the kids just interact with it sort of randomly..."experiencing" it rather than "using" it for something. The colors are great but we mix them up too--that doesn't seem to matter to any of the kids. Sometimes fun things are "de-selected" depending on the color, but most kids play with the moon sand. We also have a bin of foam (like Floam) that we use at different times. Not quite as good (a little too sticky at times) but still appealing..."

C Major Diatonic Scale Set
"We will be using this as a rhythm and music activity with adults with disabilities. I plan to use flash cards with colored dots to indicate when each tube is played. I saw this method used with a bell choir and it worked well. The leader holds up cards, one after the other, and when the musicians play their instrument according to the colors shown, they end up creating a beautiful piece of music. I'm excited about using this instrument as part of our program."

"Seems to help with balance and motor skill development."

See & Spell
"I like that there are two words on one panel. I take the panel, show one side and ask my nephew what the image is. I flip to the other side and ask him the same question. Then I ask him which image he would like to spell. He really likes the visual then spelling aspect of the puzzle, and he seems to love that there are options for him."

Dinosaurs Puzzles in a Box
"I use this toy with my son as such: I take out the pieces he is going to use and close the box. We work on the puzzle together in order to avoid scattering of the additional pieces which is what occurs most times with child with autism or SID. They get overwhelmed with so many pieces and begin to loose focus and scatter them all over the play area never accomplishing the goal of finishing the puzzle."

Ivan's Hinge
"My son is a visual learner and loves puzzles like this. Not only does it encourage his visual reasoning & perception but it also builds his esteem when he solves each puzzle card. He will even create his own puzzles. I think this would also be great for children who need help with motor skills development since it requires simple coordination."

See & Spell
"Needs to be either marine quality paint on figures and letters or made of a polyurethane that will not deteriorate after extended use. Our grandson played so hard with it that some of the paint was already gone before the end of the day."

"This product would be great for younger children with spatial difficulties, autism, or physical issues, as it encourages independence and proper balance. If it were re-designed to have longer ropes it would be excellent for older and taller children as well."

"Palette is a challenging color-matching game which requires no reading to play or adding of scores. It is not at all babyish and is appropriate for all ages. It could be modified to be simpler by limiting the number of chips and color wheels used. No verbal interaction is required, but lots of chatter seemed to be generated as someone would recall an item they had that was that color or discussing favorite colors and different shades."

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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