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Traumatic Brain Injury toys games
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Traumatic Brain Injury toys games
Traumatic Brain Injury

Whenever possible, we gather feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children & adults with traumatic brain injury in hopes of providing guidance for other special needs caregivers. We hope you find these "special perspectives" helpful as you shop for developmentally appropriate toys and games.

See & Spell
"Zane loves music so I began singing songs while working the puzzles. I make sure he touches the letters as we make the sound associated with the letter. He has a bit of trouble with fine motor skills...if the pieces were a bit larger to grasp it would be helpful. But on the other side of that coin he is encouraged to try even though it is difficult...which I like. What helps the most is the interest of the items. Zane loves cars, tractors, animals, and such...but I see the idea is to have items with short words so that its easier to begin literacy. "

Butterfly Garden Wooden - 48 piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
"My mother used this puzzle after her stroke to help with her processing skills. It helps retrain her brain in fitting the pieces together, which will help her in the future be able to get better at writing, reading and doing everyday activities. Keeping her brain active is so very important!"

"I work with behavior students. While not every student engages with Kaleidograph, those that do, find that it can help to deescalate their behavior and help them focus. "

Kids Magnetic Poetry - First Words
"We are using this to help him re-learn words by hearing them as well as seeing them in print. This is the only person I have used this product with."

History of Aviation 100 piece puzzle
"It was good that the pieces were big and the visuals easy to discern."

Skwish Stix
"It is lightweight which makes it easy to use. The toy also pops back which allows my son to play with the toy himself creating a sense of independence for him."

Tobbles Neo
"This toy is perfect for kids with coordination disorders or apraxia. Would be perfect for young children with hand tremors as the added weight would help to ground them."

Bilibo Mini - 6 Color Combo Pack
"The Bilibo products encourage our daughter to strengthen fine and gross motor skills. The mini is lightweight enough for her to hold sitting in a chair or on a mat. Caution! They are dangerous when airborne though. It is also sanitary since it is so easy to clean which is especially great if there is frequent emesis. Overall, this toy is a favorite. "

Magnetic Supermind
"The magnets make a huge difference in making this game more enjoyable for kids with special needs that have fine motor challenges. "

Roylco Straws and Connectors Jumbo Set - 705 pc
"Teaching cooperative social skills with kids who don't get it is really hard. These flexible straws are terrific for having the students take turns adding pieces to make a class project."

Wobble Deck
"Works on reaction time, speed of information processing, planning and organization, midline crossing, folliwng instructions, sequencing, and balance."

Playful Pets Wooden Jigsaw
"Purchased for my husband who had brain injury from a severe stroke. Using puzzles to re-learn problem solving, muscle control, meeting challenges/"

"This was given to my daughter and I figured it was good for my mother. She has a traumatic brain injury and these games with spacial manipulation strengthen her recovery. It doesn't have to be played with as many cards as they recommend which is nice. You can modify the game to fit the ability of the user. She hasn't played it yet, but I can see this being very useful in comparison with the games her therapists have recommended to date..."

8 ct. Washable Dry-Erase Crayons
"We are a school district servicing a wide range of children including children with special needs. These crayons are great because they are a little more fat than other crayons and wiping them off takes a little bit of effort. "

Tangle Therapy
"The Tangle Toy will help my son utilize both hands during play, which right now he only really uses his left hand. We also use the Bilibo toy to help my son with his spatial recognition and play. The Bilibo is good to let him sit in, and then drag him around the room this way he uses his core muscles to keep from falling out of the seat. We are using it as a way for him to stand on it and work on his balance, and I see us using it interactively with other toys as he gets bigger to run them underneath and around his Bilibo to incorporate it into his play. He is (actual age) 29 months old, but was born at 25 weeks, so he should be 26 months old. He is doing great for the most part, but has some developmental delays and it appears he may have some minor CP. "

"It is dificult for my son to maintain interest in anything for more than two minutes, so I was amazed that he liked it and wanted to do it again."

Mozart Magic Cube
"In my nieces case, the larger the keys/buttons the better for her."

Fireworks Light Show
"Very easy to operate with a large handle that only requires a gentle squeeze to trigger firework noises and light. The dial is large and easy to turn. My sister loved it. She is scared of the dark, but was willing to dim the light so she could see the fireworks go off. "

Citiblocs Cool Colors - 100 pc
"The Special education students from K-8 make designs with the blocks. The booklet shows various designs and the children do quite well with the designs. They also improvise and make their own designs. They are able to relax and feel a sense of accomplishment."

Really Big Words for Kids
"WE are using these with our 31 year old daughter in law to re-teach her how to read. She had a stroke 1 year ago and with her traumatic brain injury, she has made significant gains. The reading piece is the hardest part of her recovery. The words are a big size and so they are easy for her to see. I would have liked to have more words and words that could be connected to make larger words. We put words on the refrigerator and let Jess see them and work on what we might have created for her. She enjoys this helpful interaction!"

Shape It! Sand 5 lb.
"Great for measuring and creating I spy in sand. We used it in the water table."

Solar System Floor Puzzle
"Puzzles with nature, and wildlife scenes appreciated. Brain injury wise, our son maintained his long term memory. He was 16 at the time of his accident. These puzzles work out well for Jeff. He has initiation deficit. Very few things he's able to stick with. Jeff will actually request to make a puzzle. They're easy for him to put together on our kitchen table. He's learning from them. The 1st time he makes a new one...help is needed. Afterwards, he's slowly able to figure them out by himself. "

Spot It
"I actually enlarge the cards for my patients with visual impairments. I will also enlarge a card -cut it up into individual figures and present one figure to have the individual localize it on its card. Or I can show an individual picture (single item) and have the individual find it out of a figure ground demand of two cards next to each other... or two cards separated by 2 inches/3 inches/4 inches and the individual has to visually scan without moving their head....Or I can hold one card at a foot/2 feet/3 feet etc. away from the other card that is on the table and have a near-far demand which is what will be required for board to desk work in the future. I also will move a card in a horizontal/ verticle/ or rotational direction so that the individual will have to visually track the target as they transition from distance to near and back visual discriminations. Also I can show one item have the individual visualize it and take it away so now they have to use visual memory to localize on the card. There are many more ways to utilize these toys...it is the need of the individual and their level of availability that allows me to use my creative spirit and knowledge base to develop their visual perception, egocentric and sociocentric localization and utilization of toys as tools to learn. It allows us all to "not be captured by the disability but instead be available for the possibilty" of meaningful learning for our children and adults with special needs."

"The adult this material was purchased for enjoys creating patterns and identifying patterns. He needed encouragement to break apart the pieces, due to the pattern he discovered in seeing it initially. This encouraged him to take a risk to break the pattern and create new ones."

Shape by Shape
"Shape by Shape gives the user a feeling of accomplishment. It encourages problem solving."

Sensory Balls - Set of 4
"I specifically choose the Sensory Balls for their neurodevelopmental applications in individualized HANDLE programs. "

Hopper Ball - 20 inch
"My Grandson hops on the hopper ball, he rolls on it, he carries it around the house with him, he kicks it and throws it. He uses it in so many different ways to explore and learn. It handles well both indoors as well as outdoors. When we take it to the park, he shares it with other children. When parents have asked where I found it, I gladly tell them fatbraintoys.com."

"Great item to focus on balance and strengthening of lower extremties. Also great for coordination and problem solving."

Magnetic Poetry - Haiku Kit
"My husband has a brain injury that effects his initiation, motor skills and speech. Our therapist thought magnetic poetry would be a great exercise for him on a daily basis to encourage creativity and initiation. There are a limited number of words and we group them by grammatical category (i.e. verbs, pronouns, adjectives etc.) so that his brain can more easily process the creation of a sentence. He has a degree in journalism and has in the past had an interest in writing Haiku poetry. Haiku has a rhythm which adds another, more challenging layer of thought to creating sentences on the refrigerator everyday. "

Brain Food
"My son has low tone and needs strength in his hands and upper body. He uses different types of putty during therapy. We often hide things in the putty (poker chips, small stones, coins) and he has to find them by pulling and stretching. He then takes these objects and sorts them, or puts the coins into a bank to further work on his fine motor skills."

Wheely Bug
"My son just turned 7 but functions at about an 8 month old level. Until 3 weeks ago he very rarely moved his legs. His physical therapist put him on a scooter board and taught him how to use his legs to move it. He actually DID! My son has multiple things working against him so it has always been difficult to figure out what would be a good birthday/Christmas gift. When I found this I knew it was PERFECT! I talked to his P.T. and asked if she felt he would be able to use it and she loved it too! He's been resistant to use his legs on it because it takes more balance than he currently has but his P.T. has assured me this will be great for him once he gains more confidence. The fact that my son is legally blind causes him to be more nervous in new situations but I have no doubt that once he's use to using this he'll love it because he loves the scooter board already. I take the cow to his therapies twice a week for them to use with him as well as using it at home. I cannot wait for him to get his first taste of freedom to move around on his own!"

Best Friends Forever! Magnetic Dress-Up
"Easy to use as an exercise for fine motor skill improvement."

Tangle Therapy
"It's good for coordination, muscle development, boredom, stress and tactile stimulation (of the hands/fingers). I ordered other products from your site that are great for brain development."

Pattern Play
"Due to a near-death case of bacterial spinal meningitis, I have some permanent brain damage. I found myself craving color! Working patterns is also very good for me. This is a wonderful item for me. "

If you like what you see, we'd appreciate your help by spreading the word! If it could be improved in any way, please send us an email to feedback@fatbraintoys.com with your ideas. Thanks!

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